République du Zaïre
Repubuliki ya Zaïre
Jamhuri ya Zaïre
Flag of Zaire Coats of arms of Zaire 1971-1997
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Zaire (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Let us all unite!
National Anthem La Zaïroise
Official languages French, Lingala, Kongo, Swahili, Tshiluba
Other languages Chinese
Capital Kinshasa
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
Emperor Mobutu Sese Seko
Religion Atheist
Currency Zairean zaire
Established 1971-

Zaire is a nation in Africa and a Superpower.


Originally, it was held by the Belgium people for a long while. The Belgians were having a fun time drinking and throwing hats. It was all fun and games until 1971.

In 1971, the Africans in Belgian Congo proceeded to kick the Belgians out, and soon Zaire was established.

When Zaire was established, nothing was the same again.

The new nation proceeded to kill the Belgians by using very torturous/brutal/etc. tatics. The Belgians tried to run, but only few survived and managed to escape while the rest died.

Soon the French, and other Europeans (except for people from Eastern Europe) in Zaire at the time suffered the same fate.

After the last Europeans were either killed or escaped Zaire, Zaire banned any Europeans/Westerners from visiting it, otherwise they would suffer the same fate.

By 1973, Zaire rose to Superpower status, no questions asked.

Zaire managed to hold their own influence and were not influenced by anyone else.

Later by 1991 however, Zaire had friendly relations with Koishiist Japan and her allies.

Then by 1998, Zaire allowed tourists again, and Europeans were free to visit only if they didn't do anything wrong again.