This article is about the country in Amazonia (South America). For the actual instrument, see Vuvuzela.

República Bolivariana de Vuvuzela
Flag Venezuela (Ruins of Vienna) Vuvuzela
Flag Coat of Arms
Venezuela location map
Motto El café es el camino a seguir
(Coffee is the way to go)
National Anthem Vuvuzela
Official languages Vuvuzela, Yelling Spanish
Other languages Spanish
Capital Caracas
Government Vuvuzela Banana Coffee Republic
President Hugo Chávez
Religion Vuvuzela
Currency Venezuelan Ruble
Established 1990-

Republic of Venezuela, commonly known as Vuvuzela, is a nation in Amazonia (South America). It is the loudest nation in the world, so loud that it receives little to no tourists, and the fact that even Mystia Lorelei can't handle it despite the fact that Mystia Lorelei's songs usually causes deaf, but she can cure that with medicine.


Venezuela was a mouse trap for most of the 20th century and soon was conquered by the US around 1985. Though thanks to the Vuvuzela, the US military that was in Venezuela became deaf and their heads exploded and they died. They retreated in 1989 after 10,000,000 US people died because their heads exploded due to the power of the Vuvuzela.

Afterwards in 1990, Cuba helped Venezuela set up a new government and stuff and soon became under Cuban influence.


Reviews about Venezuela shows that 80% of critics hate it, with the main reason being Hugo Chávez going at least three times a year to the hospital since 2009 all because of some cancer. Another reason is because of how quiet it is.

With a 2010 survey, 9 out of 10 Doctors agree that the fact some critics say that Venezuela's too quiet is because they are possibly deaf.