Kogasanian United Kingdom
Flag of UK (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of UK (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Britain (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Surprise!!
National Anthem Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever
Official languages Engrish, Welsh, Scottish
Other languages Irish
Capital New Karakasa (London)
Government Kogasanian Republic, Imperial Monarchy
Empress Kogasa Tatara
Prime Minister David Cameron
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Currency Kogasaian Pound Sterling
Established 1940-

The United Kogasanian Kingdom, more commonly known as Kogasanian Britain was formed in 1940 by a Prime Minister who was an Englishwoman and cosplayed as Kogasa Tatara. They were very powerful in World War Two and fought against the Bitter Cold afterwards. Soon after the Freeze Box War ended, it ended with Kogasanian Britain victory. Kogasanian Britain went defunct for a while during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's rule, probably because Labour doesn't get paid much. In 2006, David Cameron became Prime Minister, then all of a sudden Queen Elizabeth II died of a shark attack. Soon the Englishwoman's daughter took Queen of the UK and cosplayed as Kogasa Tatara, which then reformed Kogasanian Britain again. Until 2012年3月3日, when she stepped down, and the real Kogasa Tatara took charge.

Kogasanian Britain is also mostly known for it's annual Ghostly Umbrella Festival, that take place every Autumn each year. It's to celebrate Kogasa Tatara.