Князівства Московського
Княжества Московского
Flag of Seiga Kaku's Russia
Ukraine (Rigid Paradise)
Motto 乌克兰仍然住!
(Ukraine still lives on!)
National Anthem Old Yuanxian
Official languages Ukrainian, Chinese, Russian
Capital Kiev, Moscow
Government Democratic Zombie Republic
Empress Seiga Kaku
Prime Minister Zombie Irina Godunova
Religion Taoism
Currency Russian Ruble
Established 1950-

The Duchy of Moscow, though better known as Ukraine, is a nation in Europe. It is one of the two Zombie-Jiang Shi nations in the world, the other being the European Federation. However, Ukraine is lead by Seiga Kaku, who is a Shikaisen, and not a Jiang Shi nor Zombie.


Previously the Russian Empire, it was led by the Monarchists. The Russian Empire sided with the allies in the First World War, but got knocked out as Russia begun to suffer a civil war. However, the Zombies sided with the pro-Monarchists and managed to defeat the Communist, leaving Russia intact. However, parts of Russia began to suffer the Zombie infection, starting in the Moldova-Ukraine area.

However by 1941, the Russian Empire fractured into three nations: the Muscovy, the Empire of Tatarstan, and the Far Eastern Republic. The latter two was ruled by the Humans and the Zombie infection couldn't spread there. Later the Far Eastern Republic was taken over and annexed into China by Toyosatomimi no Miko command. Later on the Duchy of Moscow suffered heavy losses from Finland and decided to give them lots of land.

From 1944 until 1950, Muscovy united with the other Zombie nations to form the Greater Kievan Rus'. In 1950 Seiga Kaku took control of the Muscovy side again and declared independence as the Duchy of Moscow. She did this as she wanted to rule her own nation, and couldn't handle being overruled by Hsien-ko and Yoshika Miyako. They still remained friends though.

Under Seiga Kaku's rule, all the citizens in the Duchy of Moscow were ordered to convert to Taoism, which the all did. Like India, Seiga Kaku banned all other religions except Confucianism, and made Taoism the State Religion. She allowed Buddhism, but only in the region of Kalmykia.

The Duchy of Moscow is friends with Finland, European Federation, Hakugyokurou Republic (Scandinavia), Romania, and to a lesser extent China and Taoist Korea.