États-Unis d'Amérique
Darth Vader's America
Flag of US (Ruins of Vienna) NR Seal
Flag Coat of Arms
Location USA (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto May the force be with you
National Anthem Star Wars theme
Official languages French, English
Other languages Spanish
Capital Imperial Capital D.C.
Government Dictatorship Republic
Emperor Darth Vader
President Chewbacca
Vice President Barack Obama
Religion The Force
Currency American Credit
Established 1985-

Darth Vader's America is a nation in North America.


The USA was usually a suspicious nation. Their experiments and holding the Philippines was part of their suspiciousness. In 1941, they declared war against Gensokyo, which was on Allied side. Though they apologised later on to Gensokyo, they gave up on the Philippines and let it go.

The USA President, FDR, after hearing about Kogasa Tatara taking power in the UK and all, was so surprised he died of a heart attack. It also gave some other America government officials a hear attack as well and died. Harry S. Truman also got a heart attack after becoming president, but was able to handle the surprise.

After the Second World War was over, American people started to paint their houses blue, with blue windows and a blue Corvette, and everything was blue for them. Any red they saw they painted it blue. They also banned Cuban Cigars as well. Cuba was angered, and soon Nikita Khrushchev was angered and threatened to crush the USA with Tetris. The US chickened out and allowed red and Cuban Cigars in the US again.

Then, in 1985, Darth Vader was elected as president and soon turned the US into Star Wars nation. Darth Vader was in charge since.

Florida was lost to Cuba in 1999 due to major Cuban Cigars taking hold that the US can't handle no more. Later in 2001 most of Alaska went to Russia after Sarah Palin took power (she still remains governor of Alaska), and because she pledged support for her Russian friends. Then in 2008, New York City was lost to Serbia and was renamed to Liberty City.