Народной Республики Турция
Türkiye Halk Cumhuriyeti
Flag Turkey (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms Turkey (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Turkey Map
Motto Bütün ülkelerin işçileri, birleşin!
National Anthem The Internationale
Official languages Russian, Turkish
Other languages Ottoman Turkish
Capital Ankara
Government Communist Party State
President Erkan Baş
Prime Minister İşgale Karşı Komiteler
Religion Atheism
Currency Turkish Ruble
Established 1946-

People's Republic of Turkey is a nation in Asia, with a tiny piece of Europe.


Originally known as the Otto Man's Empire, it had begun to tear apart. By 1933, Iraq and Syria had ceded and soon the Otto Man's Empire broke apart. By 1934, Turkey was established. However, Turkey was a weak nation and soon was invaded by Italy in 1939. By 1940, Turkey was crushed and annexed by Italy. By 1944 however, the Soviets invaded Turkey and soon liberated it. In 1946, the Soviets that occupied Turkey turned it into a Communist nation, and thus the People's Republic of Turkey was established.

Since then, Turkey has been allied with the Soviet Union upon it's collapse. After the Soviet Union's collapse, Turkey fell under Cuban influence and survived.

Turkey is often ignored in Europe, mostly because it's communist and is incompatible with the European Union.