Timo Soini

Timo Soini
Timo Soini in a bad mood.

Leader of True Finns
1985年 –

Predecessor: N/A
Birth: 1962年3月30日
Rauma, Finland
Spouse: N/A
Political party: True Finns
Religion: Confucianism
Profession: Politics, Government, Monster Motorcars

Timo Soini, (Heavy Metal Umlaut: T̈ïm̈ö S̈öïnï) is a Finnish politician and a Monster motorcar/lorry driver.



Timo Soini's car, the DeLorean.

He was born in Rauma, Finland. As a kid, he was a violent one, though his parents didn't care. He would say hurtful stuff at school, so hurtful that the teachers and administrators would cry. He was, like one would put it, 'mad scientist' though he didn't invent stuff, of course.

When he started to get into politics, things got worse.

He soon established the True Finns Party (Finnish: Perussuomalaiset) in 1985.

Since then, there were some Finns who registered with the True Finns. As members, they get to drive Monster Lorry and run over stuff. The police don't dare stop them, because they fear Timo Soini.

Timo Soini is the master of insults. He can, in fact, make anyone cry. Some get mad but they end up crying too.

Timo Soini has also been known to insult leaders of other nations, such as Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin, and few others. They all end up angered, then cry.

Timo Soini also spoke out against and insulted Kogasa Tatara, a day after she became Queen of Kogasanian Britain. Guess what happened, she cried. However, the next day Kogasa Tatara was in hiding and Timo Soini was walking down a quiet street at night in Helsinki with no cars or people around. As Timo Soini was walking Kogasa started to walk behind him. Timo stopped, and looked back. Kogasa then said 'boo' and this scared Timo so bad, he ran away scared and screamed, then cried once he got back home. Kogasa Tatara then laughed once the whole story was told.

Since then, Timo Soini learned to not mess with anyone that actually come from Gensokyo. Except Reimu Hakurei, though. Timo insults the Miko once in a while, and Reimu cries every time. Reimu would like to fight back, but doesn't feel like it and is busy leading Finland.

Timo Soini also hates Koishi Komeiji and is his sworn enemy. He never really said why though, he just usually refers to her as 'That Grey-greenish-haired, Dark Green eyed, Hat-wearing lady' and doesn't really say much. At one point in an interview in 2005, Timo described her as an 'Unconscious-minded, Imperialistic, Uncultured, as well as Power Hungry' type of person but other than that, he really has nothing to say about her. More then likely because he hates Koishi so much, he rather not talk about, or even mention, her.

Also, Timo Soini loves Seiga Kaku. He has mentioned Seiga Kaku in the past and has always adored her and stuff. She is one of the very few that Timo never insults.