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  • In 2030, Taiwan Prefecture builds their Taipei 101 Missiles that can Take Out a good range of area, and are very effective.
  • In the year 2050, Kogasa Tatara had surprised everyone by reforming the European Union. Soon European nations married each other and soon, in 2070, a new Greater Europe was formed. Switzerland is excluded. Serbia declared independence to maintain their neutral.
  • 2080, Hammer Time happened in Cuba and Cuban-influenced nations. After a mere five minutes of MC Hammer, the remaining Communist nations collapsed, except Turkey.
  • 2100, Turkey threw away their rusty sickles as it was now useless. Turkey became a Republic, but soon was purchased by Apple. Turkey became annexed into the Apple iRan.
  • 2112, Kazakhstan, Iran, Arabian Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela was merged and became known as Kazakolombistan.
  • 2121, Darth Vader finally solves the 12 by 12 Rubik Cube and manages to annex the Cuban nation.
  • 2150, Gensokyo loses it's Hakurei Border as it is brought to the Outside World at long last. Australia shocked in horror, much celebration in Japan.
  • 2300, the first Lunarian-Human War. The Watatsuki Sisters pulled off an amazing victory and managed to save their Lunar Capital with the use of swords and peaches. The Peach throwing tactic was the most effective.
  • 2555, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Cambodia fuse together to create the East Asian Federation. Byakuren Hijiri declined joining the East Asian Federation, as she loves her Thailand too remain independent. She loves it so much that she went to hug the whole Thai parliament.
  • 2600, a Zombie Infection, led by General Yoshika Miyako, begins in the centre of Australia due to some mad scientist in Canberra attempting to create petroleum out of dead people, disregard the fact that the world has moved on to green energy since 500 years ago.
  • 2777, Zaire absorbs all the independent African nations, except Ethiopia. After Zaire was reformed into the African Union, Ethiopia was then added. Though a year later Ethiopia declared independence.
  • 2800, European Federation, African Union, Ethiopia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and Spain merge to form the Tataranian Empire, led by Kogasa Tatara herself. Kogasa tried to surprise her friend Koishi into joining her empire, but Koishi declined.
  • 2820, after approximately ~220 years, the Zombie Infection took over Australia. General Yoshika Miyako is escalated to President of Ailartsua. This makes Seiga Kaku proud.
  • 2900, Darth Vader declares war against the Lunarians. With the Lunarians superior Better-Than-You technology, they were able to defeat Darth Vader.
  • 2901, Darth Vader and Cirno unite and declared war against the Tataranian Empire, East Asian Confederation, Thailand, and the Lunarians. This begins the Final Galactic Extra Stage War. Ailartsua, Canada, Serbia and Kazakolombistan declare neutrality. Do I need to mention Switzerland?
  • 3600 years later, in 6501, the Second Galactic War comes to an end with the victory of Kogasa Tatara and friends. Kazakolombistan gets Afghanistan, UAE, Iraq. The Apple Pie is divided between Canada, Tataranian Empire, and Kazakolombistan. The world celebrates in victory. Rin Kaenbyou makes the most money ever recorded in history, as she made over One Quintillion Yen (long scale).
  • 6502 - Cirno is executed for crimes against raccoons after she was caught trying to freeze Mamizou Futatsuiwa.
  • 6530 - The East Asian Confederation, Tataranian Empire, Canada, Serbia, and the Louisianan Empire merged together to form the Umbrella Corporation Empire.
  • 6556 - Byakuren Hijiri and Yoshika Miyako make a deal, and they both combined their nations. While still the Thai Empire, it is divided into two Prefectures: Buddhist Thailand and Taoist Ailartsua.
  • 7000 - The Final Cold War begins with the Shinto-Buddhist-Taoist-Hindu (Umbrella Corporation Empire & Thai Empire) alliance and Switzerland.