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Advent Cirno
Rough Portrait of Advent Cirno, her strongest form

1920年 –

Religion: Shintō
Profession: Politics, Government

The Cirno Question revolves a question of how Cirno is of any impotence, specifically US and Arabian Politics.


The Cirno Question first appeared after the establishment of Poland in 1918. In Poland by 1926, they elected a President, who happened to also mostly play Fairy Wars, because of his interest for Cirno. In fact this turned to create a new term called Cirnoism, which is basically following Cirno's ideals. The Polish President decided to spread Cirnoism throughout Poland, which was successful until the Germans invaded Poland in 1939. However even then, Cirnoism managed to spread to Italy, and the Italian Government took some of Cirno's ideologies and begun to use it, though this led to their quicker downfall and was soon conquered by Kogasanian Britain in 1943.

Post War and the Cold War EraEdit

Cirnoism still held onto parts of the former Italian Empire and Poland in Second World War. Though after the establishment of People's Republic of Poland, Cirnoism there was mixed with Communism and thus Cirnomunism was then established.

Cirnomunism was also seen in the Union of Soviet Stalinist Republics, but was limited to only the Caucasus Region. However it diminished after Stalin found out that Cirnomunism was mostly idiotic and thus was suppressed. Soon, by 1953, Cirnomunism was operated underground in Poland due to the Stalinist laws in effect of the People's Republic of Poland and with the USSR in check.

Soon, both Cirnoism and Cirnomunism spread to the United States. While Joseph McCarthy opposed Cirnomunism, due to it's communist ideologies, he accepted Cirnoism, which didn't had any communist ideologies mixed in.

By 1960, the Mid Western areas of the United States became heavily affected by Cirnoism, and soon the Cirnoist Party was established and became the third official political party of the United States, getting as much popularity as Democracy and Republic Parties.

Cirno was gaining much popularity and love from the Mid Western US and later from Texas and Mississippi. Lots of people in the US supported her and her views, and soon their lifestyle had been mixed with Cirno's ideas. Soon, Mathematics became disorganised, Science was pulled back, and World History books in the US was rewritten so that the Old World was not mentioned at all (other than the USSR and the Eastern Bloc.). An example from said book had made the US suddenly appeared on the East Coast and that the Thirteen States already happened and was never controlled by anyone; and that history for them and the World begun in 1776. The only other world nations that was written about was Latin America (except Mexico) and the Caribbean islands, as well as the USSR and the Eastern Bloc (nothing is written about Kogasanian Britain and Empire of Gensokyo [Japan] and are referred to as barbaric, unknown nations).

In 1970, all of the USA was hit and affected by Cirnoism. Democracy and Republic parties started to fall and was lagging behind, but managed to be at least smarter than the other Americans who was affected and followed Cirnoism.

With the USA falling back in the Cold War, their power started to diminish. This in turn somewhat affected the USSR and the Eastern Bloc, as in 1980, Poland begun to follow the same way like the United States and was affected by Cirnoism.

Due to the weakness Cirnoism caused, a revolution happened in the United States in 1985 and the Idiot Leadership was replaced by Darth Vader. Having said that, Darth Vader decided to reshape the Americans by having them know about their enemies. World History textbooks in the US was rewritten so that it would mention stuff about the old world. However certain nations (like Kogasanian Britain and Empire of Gensokyo) were still referred to as barbaric.

End of the Cold WarEdit

Cirnoism had weakened affected nations (and the USSR, who had completely banned it) so much, and was one of the main causes of the USSR to collapse. The People's Republic of Poland had to change to a new government and had executed and massacred all the Poles who had followed and believed in Cirnoism, and banned it. The United States became a Third World Country as a result.

Kogasanian Britain had won the Cold War. Even if Cirnoism didn't exist, Kogasanian Britain was far too strong for the USSR and USA to handle and would have fractured anyway.

First Great Galactic WarEdit

This was caused because Kogasanian influenced Argentina not only wanted to liberate the Latin America from US occupation, but to destroy and prevent the spread of Cirnoism. Later Koishiist Japan and Kogasanian Britain had supported Argentina and the war was on.

By the end of this war, the US had lost, and Cirnoism fell again.

Modern TimesEdit

In 1999, Darth Vader saw that Cirnoism really had messed up the minds of his nation and decided to turn things back to normal. Science books was upated heavily to get on with the times, World History textbooks were rewritten once again so that it told history and no longer referred to certain nations as Barbaric Vikings, and Mathematics was rewritten so that the questions it asked would lead to actual correct answers, instead of most answers being only 9's.

By 2001, Cirnoism was banned in the US, but love for Cirno still continued. While Darth Vader learned and begun to hate Cirnoism, he still loved Cirno.

Cirnoism in other nationsEdit

Cirnoism can be seen in parts of Spain and Kazakhstan.

In Koishiist Japan, the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation, Kogasanian Britain, and all of their allies, Cirnoism and it's variants is completely banned. Cirno in said nations are referred to as a complete baka, as Cirno can severely ruin other people's lives. Cirno is opposed in those nations, and Cirno herself is banned from visiting any of them.