Empire of Thailand
Flag of Thailand
Flag of Empire of Thailand
Thailand location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue
Capital: Phitsanulok
Language: Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto
Demonym: Thai
Government: Imperial

Under Byakuren Hijiri's rule

Empress: Empress Byakuren Hijiri
Prime Minister: Toyosatomimi no Miko
Currency: Japanese Yen

The Empire of Thailand, is a nation in South-East Asia.


The Thai Empire was established originally by Nazrin in 1000 because she wanted to have a place to stay and didn't feel like staying in Gensokyo. Though due to this, Nazrin became the first Empress of Thailand. She was challenged by other Thai Royals, but they couldn't beat Nazrin and thus gave up.

In 1550, Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko decided to move their Myouren Temple into Thailand thanks to the Japanese Clans fight for Power in Japan kicking them out by accident.

In 1800, Nazrin got distracted by a Cheese-made UFO and managed to expand the Thai Empire to conquer and annex Burma, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In 1801 the incident happened again and soon Malaysia and Brunei were annexed into Thailand. Taking advantage, Byakuren decided to convince Nazrin to step down in exchange to capture the Cheese-made UFO, and Nazrin agreed. Then Byakuren became Empress of Thailand and Nazrin was able to eat the Cheese-made UFO.

Meanwhile the Dutch East Indies was standing around, but the Surprise War in 1900 was unexpected and Thailand managed to conquer Indonesia in a flash.

Thailand soon became allies with Japan in 1935 and joined their League of Nations organisation in 1955.