Confederazione Svizzera
Confédération suisse
Confederaziun svizra

Swiss Confederation
Flag of Switzerland (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag of Swiss Confederation
Capital: Bern
Language: Italian, French, Romansh
Religion: State Shinto
Demonym: Swiss
Government: Imperial

Under Seiga Kaku's rule

Swiss Empress: Empress Seiga Kaku
Prime Minister: Doris Leuthard
Annexation: to to Seiga-koku (European Union), 2002
Currency: Euro

Switzerland was a nation in Europe.


The Swiss was a neutral nation for a long time until it was taken over by Seiga Kaku in 2002.

That's pretty much it.

Though the nation did, at some point begin to grow richer starting in 1930 and grew in economy and money, soon becoming the richest nation in the universe by 1970, and basically was the banking capital of the galaxy.

After it was invaded and annexed by the European Union in 2002, the banks were saved and moved elsewhere. Switzerland also lost almost all its money upon annexation though they keep some money locked away in secret, and no one knows about that.