Marisa Kirisames Republiken Sverige
Flag Sweden (Ruins of Vienna) CoA of Sweden (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Sweden (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Volvo's, IKEA, Heavy Metal, we have it all!
National Anthem Oriental Dark Flight
Official languages Swedish
Other languages Finnish
Capital Forest of Magic (really just some forest within Dalarna)
Government Witchcraft Republic
President Marisa Kirisame
Prime Minister Filippa Reinfeldt
Religion Shinto, Marisa Kirisame paganism
Currency Euro
Established 1955-

Marisa Kirisame's Swedish Republic, sometimes known as Sweden is a nation in Europe.


Sweden was originally some nation between Norway and Finland.

In the Second World War, they got infected by the Nyan Cat disease spread by Germany, despite their neutrality. After the war, some Swedish spoke only Nyan. This led to the Nyan War in 1953, in which Finland declared war on Sweden and took down the remaining Nyan speakers.

Later, in 1960, Heavy Metal was invented at an IKEA, soon causing the IKEA Ka-Boom in 1965. IKEA's all across Europe begun to sell Heavy Metal for furniture.

By 1985, Finland fell under control by Reimu Hakurei, cosplayed by Finnish Lady. Her Swedish Lady friend who cosplays as Marisa Kirisame took control of Sweden by becoming President in 1985. Then Witchcraft was established and now most Swedes has crazy Witch powers, much to the horror of Miko Miko Finland. After realising that nothing would happen to Finland of this, they stopped worrying by 1989.

Unlike Finland, Sweden doesn't rely on donations. However, they rely on stolen goods sometimes, mostly in upper Sweden.