Just south of Schuylerville and Saratoga in the state of New York is a little town named Stillwater. A small village makes up the center of town, the main street being Hudson Avenue. Along this road(which is also routes 4 and 32) you can see the now polluted Hudson river which if your going North is on your right. It flows southward towards New York City and the Atlantic Ocean, its origin is a lake at the top of Mount Marcy in the Adirondaks which if you standat the top of the Hill on Dick Lynch Road, you have a spectacular view of. The village part of town is where you'll find that most of the townspeople come to socialize, whether its twelve year olds on bikes riding to Pat's for some french fries, old people catching up on the latest news, or the Distance Runners of the Varsity Track team stopping at Stewarts for some food instead of running because their coach wouldnt find out theres always people to see. The Stillwater Central School District is just about 3/4 of a mile north of the Village, right along Hudson Avenue. Sporting a brand new turf field and track to go along with it, the school is known to host a few Sectional Soccer and Football games though the Warriors ( Stillwater's mascot) havent made too many appearances at sectionals. Their biggest rivals are the Mechanicville Red Raiders. The teams are either in Class B or C but the entire district is in the WASAREN league for athletics. The school itself is ranked 17th in the state for best education, and the town itself is ranked just 7th in the state for the safest towns.

Sounds Ordinary right? Its your typical home town,no? The whole place looks normal, but theres no way that this town is or ever was normal! Since September of 1777 AD the men who perished in the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the American revolution, wake up from their "eternal slumber " to walk the earth once more every September thru mid October. These "Walkers " battle