In this time-line, Gensokyo and France are swapped, and later Vladimir Lenin flees to Australia during First World War and establishes the USSR there.

Other stuff happens as well before, and after.


  • Cenozoic era: ZUN travels back in time to here, and creates a Gensokyo with a machine in Pre-historic, uninhabited, Japan.
  • 55,000,000 BCE: ZUN dies. Iwanagahime moves to Youkai Mountain much earlier than expected.
  • 45,000,000 BCE: Hiragana and Katakana invented by Chinese Businessmen.
  • 42,000,000 BCE: Corporate greed, Hiragana and Katakana are lost. Chinese businessmen lose their jobs and die out for now.
  • 23,000,000 BCE: Gensokyo was rediscovered and established by Yukari Yakumo, who had originally came from Korea.
  • 43,000 BCE: Hiragana and Katakana discovered by Japanese, and is put in use in the Japanese language.
  • 911 CE: Carolingian dynasty in France collapse due to seagulls attacking a few Parisian buildings.
  • 923 CE: Brittany cedes from France, and so does the Duchy of Nice.
  • 1000 CE: The Great Quail Border is established around France. It is very difficult to travel into France, and French remain in France.
  • 1001 CE: France is no longer shown on maps after many people who had tried to travel to said land saw it 'all sunk underwater' or so they say...
  • 1012 CE: Belgium have no chance to survive make Belgian time.
  • 1013 CE: Belgium is prevented from being established, leading to later rule over by the Netherlands.

...some time later...

  • 1873: The Netherlands, Brittany and UK merge into one, becoming the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Brittany and Netherlands.
  • 1875: Italy conquers all of the Duchy of Nice and annex it.
  • 1880: Ukraine declares independence from both Austria-Hungary and Russian Empire.
  • 1882: Ukrainians declare war on Japan.
  • 1882.6: Reimu Hakurei declares war on Ukrainians in defence of Gensokyo.
  • 1883: Great Hakurei-Ukrainian War. The war lasts until end of the year and the Ukrainians finally kill Reimu.
  • 1884: The Ukrainians invade Gensokyo, and occupy the Youkai Mountain.
  • 1885: Great Hakurei Border not created, leaving Gensokyo open to visitors.
  • 1886: Japan declares war on the Ukrainians. Ukrainians declare war on Japan.
  • 1887: HiSeoul founded in Seoul.
  • 1888: Ukrainian victory over Japan. The Ukrainians in occupied Gensokyo annexed the occupied area and becomes part of Ukraine.
  • 1890: Russia and Austria-Hungary declare war on Ukraine.
  • 1893: Ukrainian victory over Austria-Hungary and Russia. War returns to pre-war borders but Ukraine manages to annex previously independent Romania.


  • 1904: Half-Life division in China.
  • 1914-1918: First World War happens as normal. However, the cause of the war is that Franz Ferdinand assassinated Gavrilo Princip of Serbia. Serbia got insulted and invaded Austria-Hungary. Germans actually participated in the war and Bulgarians. Russia comes to help, and manages to gain some land for themselves, along with free pizza from Italy. Vladimir Lenin Flees to Australia.
  • 1919: Japan invades China to help the Kuomintang against the Half-Life. This leads to a joint Japanese-Kuomintang victory, and the Kuomintang reunites China into one.
  • 1921: Australia declares independence and Vladimir Lenin establishes the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
  • 1923: Tenshi Hinanawi is elected Prime Minister of Japan. Mussolini takes power in Italy. The Weimar Republic government begun drinking wine.
  • 1925: The Ukrainian Nationalist Party takes power in Ukraine. Ukrainian-Russian relations crumble.
  • 1927: Ozzy Osborne's Grandma bakes cookies for the British Government.
  • 1928: Winston Churchill is elected Prime Minister of the UK. Mussolini bans Pasta and Pizza by accident. After realising his mistake, he goes back to change it and Pasta and Pizza is no longer banned.
  • 1929: Tenshi Hinanawi is assassinated during her visit in Spain. Due to this, earthquakes no longer happen around the globe. Minamitsu Murasa is elected Prime Minister of Japan.
  • 1931: Francisco Franco manages to take Spain for himself, after the previous Spanish government took illegal medicine.
  • 1933: Germany plunges into Civil War, between the Sauerkrauts-Beer Party and the Roman Nationalist Party.
  • 1935: The Roman Nationalist Party wins in Germany, and soon the Roman Empire was established.
  • 1936: Second World War begins after the Roman Empire declares war and invades Turkey. Spain and Italy unite together and declare war against Roman Empire. The Roman Empire declares war against Spain and Italy. Russia and the United Kingdom declares war on Spain, Italy, and Roman Empire; the the three also declare war against Russia and UK. The war is divided between the Allies (Russia and UK), Axis (Spain and Italy), and the Neo-Romans (Roman Empire).
  • 1937: The USSR joins the side of the Axis and begins to invade Dutch East Indies, New Zealand, a bunch of lower Pacific islands, and South Africa.
  • 1938: Japan becomes part of the allies and invades and annexes the Philippines. Later they invade Vietnam and Thailand. Vietnam is annexed, Thailand becomes a puppet.
  • 1939: Japan manages to stop the Soviet advance in Malaysia. Japanese Malaysia is annexed into Thailand, as is Cambodia and Laos. Meanwhile in Europe Turkey and parts of the Middle East fall to the Ottomans, Spain and Italy manage to conquer North Africa and fend off from the Allies and Ottomans. Wilson Churchill ragequits and leaves. The Prime Minister of the UK becomes vacant.
  • 1940: Guess who is elected as Prime Minister in United Kingdom. (Hint: she has a blue eye and a red eye and carries a purple umbrella).
  • 1941: Russia makes Finnish and Tatar co-official languages. Meanwhile the Roman Empire invades Russia.
  • 1942: Italy and Spain decide to annex North Africa to keep their holdings. Soon the United Kingdom invades and defeats Italy and Spain. Italy and Spain are merged together and the UK will let them keep North Africa if they side with the Allies; they agree. The USSR continues to invade Africa. Santiago de Chile is attacked by a Soviet Plane. Chile declares war against the USSR.
  • 1943: The USSR invades Chile. Brazil jumps to the Allied side and quickly invades Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, and Venezuela to prevent communist influence in those nations. Brazil defeats them and is successful. Colombia is also invaded and annexed by Brazil.
  • 1944: Invasion of the Roman Empire is begun by Russia. Soon the Roman Empire is defeated and killed. Spain-Italy invades Roman-held Turkey and Syria, and crushes them.
  • 1945: The USSR defeats Chile and conquers some more of Africa before being stopped by the allies. Vladimir Lenin offers a peace treaty, and thus Second World War is ended. Spain-Italy Republic cedes some of North Italy, Greece, Libya, Egypt, and part of Occupied Turkey to Yugoslavia; and parts of Spain as well as Morocco are given to Portugal. The rest of Occupied Turkey-Syria becomes Lebanon.
1948 (Spirit of Avarice)

The World by 1948. Purple = Empire of Japan
Dark Purple = Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Red = USSR
Dark Red = India
Yellow = United Kingdom
Orange = Italy-Spain
Dark Blue = Yugoslavia
Green = Scandinavia
Pink = Russian Empire

  • 1947: The Cold War begins between the United Kingdom, Spain-Italy, Russia, and the USSR.
  • 1949: Hong Meiling and Mao Zedong manages to overthrow the Nationalist Government and establish the People's Republic of China.
  • 1950: Toyosatomimi no Miko, leader of the Taoist faction, is angered. Soon Miko and Seiga Kaku go to China and declare war against Communist China. The USSR steps in to aid the Chinese Communist Party.
  • 1951: Panama and Ecuador unite to establish Pan-Ecuador to protect themselves from both Mexico and Brazil.
  • 1952: Toyosatomimi no Miko and Seiga Kaku manages to assassinate both Mao Zedong and Hong Meiling. However the war against the Chinese Communist Party continues on.
  • 1953: Cuban Revolution begins. Suriname declares independence from the United Kingdom.
  • 1954: Luxembourg joins the United Kingdom.
  • 1955: The Chinese Communist Party is finally defeated after five years. However shortly afterwards, Toyosatomimi no Miko and Seiga Kaku declare war on each other. The USSR pulls out of the war.
  • 1957: The Third Chinese Civil War ends. China becomes split into two. Toyosatomimi no Miko takes control of North China, which becomes the Toyosatomimi Republic of China, while Seiga Kaku takes over South China, which becomes the Republic of China.
  • 1958: South China is renamed into the Republic of Seiga-Nanjing (青娥南京共和国).
  • 1959: Cuban Revolution ends, Republic of Cuba established.
  • 1960: Japan kicks out South China from the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.
  • 1961: The Korean Civil War begins, between the Toyosatomimi and Japan backed Republican Government and the Social Democratic Government, backed by the Republic of Seiga-Nanjing and India.
  • 1962: Hungary invades Austria. Yoshika Miyako invades Hungary.
  • 1963: Germany invades Austria to save them. Russia, Scandinavia, Czechoslovakia, and the United Kingdom declare war against Germany.
  • 1964: Korean Civil War ends. West Korea falls under the Social Democratic Government while East Korea falls under the Republican Government.
  • 1965: Germany is defeated again, and is occupied by Russia.
  • 1966: Hungary defeats and annexes Austria. Yoshika Miyako is later defeated by the Hungarians.
  • 1967: Russia decides to ally with the United Kingdom. The Cold War is now between the United Kingdom, Spain-Italy, and the USSR.
  • 1968: After much delay, the Cuban Missile Crisis happens. The Caribbean Federation goes to invade Cuba with no success. Shortly after the war the missiles in Cuba are removed.
  • 1970: Hungary invades Czechoslovakia and Ukraine. Yoshika Miyako attempts her second invasion of Hungary.
  • 1971: The Baltic Confederation votes to join Scandinavia.
  • 1972: The United Kingdom, Russia, and Scandinavia establishes the European Union. Portugal joins the EU three days later after establishment.
  • 1973: Hungary conquers both Czechoslovakia and Ukraine, and Gensokyo falls under Hungarian occupation. Yoshika Miyako is defeated a second time and is sent to Argentina.
  • 1974: Yoshika Miyako easily takes over Argentina. She begins claiming Chilean Soviet Socialist Republic as rightfully Argentine.
  • 1975: Hungary and Yugoslavia joins the European Union upon request by Russia.
  • 1976: Republic of Seiga-Nanjing establishes the Shanghai Pact, and West Korea, India, and Brazil joins the pact.
  • 1977: The European Union turns into the European Federation as all nations in it merge into one.
  • 1978: Russian military moves out of Germany, and lets the Germans declare independence. Germany also adopts the Cyrillic Alphabet to write the German language in.
  • 1979: Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt obtain independence after a meeting and walking out of the European Parliment.
  • 1980: Yoshika Miyako orders an invasion of Chilean Soviet Socialist Republic. The Shanghai Pact backs the invasion.
  • 1981: Argentina manages to defeat and annex Chile. The government from the former Chilean Soviet Socialist Republic is eaten by Yoshika Miyako.
  • 1982: The USSR suffers heavily with the loss of the Chilean SSR. Independence movements are seen in South African Soviet Socialist Republic, Indonesian Soviet Socialist Republic, and Singaporean Soviet Socialist Republic.
  • 1983: Singapore manages to declare independence, and joins the Shanghai Pact shortly after meeting with Seiga Kaku.
  • 1984: Spain-Italy ranks badly in the 1984 Summer Olympics, and thus begins their downfall in the World Stage.
  • 1985: South Africa declares independence after throwing some Kangaroos in the water. By March, all the African Nations unite and establish the African Union.
  • 1986: The USSR begins to collapse. The Shanghai Pact is the first to jump in to obtain some more land and allies. The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, European Federation, and Argentina soon follow and join in.
  • 1987: The European Federation gets kicked out of Oceania after one of their motor boats gets destroyed. Argentina manages to capture and annex New Zealand. Yoshika Miyako later eats the former government of the New Zealand SSR for dinner.
  • 1988: After much arguments and fighting, Indonesia becomes divided between West Indonesia supported by the Shanghai Pact, and East Indonesia which is supported by the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. West Australia also declares independence and joins the Shanghai Pact.
  • 1989: Sick and tired of both the Shanghai Pact and Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere fighting for land in Oceania, the remaining USSR manages to defend its remaining lands and throws both the leaders of the Shanghai Pact and Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere to their respective countries. The Oceania War ends.
  • 1990: The USSR leaves the Cold War and soon becomes succeeded by the Fiji Empire. The Cold War is now between only the European Federation and Spain-Italy.
1990 (Spirit of Avarice)

The World by 1990. Purple = Empire of Japan
Dark Purple = Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Red = Fiji Empire
Dark Red = European Federation
Orange = Italy-Spain
Blue-Grey = Republic of Seiga-Nanjing
Indigo = Shanghai Pact
Brown = Pan-Ecuador

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