Испания Республикасы
República de España
Flag of Spain (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of Spain (1939-1945)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Spain (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Plus Ultra & Una, Grande y Libre
National Anthem Marcha Granadera
Official languages Kazakh, Spanish
Other languages Uzbek
Capital Mandarin Mad Rid
Government Parliamentary Republic
President Marie Marguerite
Prime Minister Louis Alphonse
Religion Confucianism, Buddhist
Currency Euro
Established 1939-

Spain is a nation in well as Europe.


Spain was something until 1937 when some kind of small talk escalated into a fight. Soon the fight turned into a destruction derby and the Republicans were fighting against the Fascists in Spain, thus begun the Demolition Spanish Civil War. RPG's and rocket launchers were mainly used, resulting in the destruction of many buildings and cars. The deaths had sky-rocketed to over 230000 in just a week and many civilians were killed and were treated as if they had something to do with either side. The Demolition War lasted until 1938 when the Bull Fighting Company won and a Bull Fighter established a dictatorship. However Francisco Franco himself didn't tolerate this and thus destroyed the Bull Fighter with a Super RPG, and Franco became the new dictator of Spain in 1939. A second later, Francisco Franco had Spain jump right into Second World War, siding with the Axis Powers. He mostly aided Italy and the conquests of North Africa. However Spain was soon invaded in 1942 by the Brits and Francisco Franco decided to sue for a peace treaty, which was strangely accepted. Spain was occupied by the allies until war end, in which they left Spain too. Francisco Franco managed to continue to rule over Spain until he died in 1991. Soon the Spanish government changed from Fascist into Democracy, but still kept the old Coat of Arms, for reasons unknown. Then in 1992 Spain fell under Kazakh influence and the Spanish flag was changed too.

Due to much of the destruction remaining and no rebuilding took place during Francisco Franco's rule; Spain was referred to as Fascist Pain, and a popular phrase during the time when tourists visit Spain was that 'Spain is a Pain' due to the infrastructure not being rebuilt. Those jokes have started to secede as now Spain is being completely rebuilt and repaired.

Spain joined the European Union in 1995, and joined the Euro in 2000.