Mediterraneo Impero
Mediterráneo Imperio
Méditerranée Empire
Mediteranska Carstvo
Μεσογειακή Αυτοκρατορία
Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4
Sicily Empire (Rigid Paradise)
Motto La libertà lontano da casa!
(Freedom away from home!)
National Anthem Song of the Mediterranean
Official languages Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Croatian
Capital Palermo
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
President Silvio Berlusconi
Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
Religion Atheist
Currency Sicily Pound Sterling
Established 1947-

The Mediterraneo Empire, though more known and better known as Sicily, is an island based nation in Europe. It is one of the last human based nations in Europe, with the other being Finland.


Sicily and Sardinia were a part of Italy since 1861. By the Second World War, they were in the Axis but was later invaded by Britain. In 1945, Italy was defeated but the British gave them Corsica and Balearic Islands as mainland Spain and Mainland France have been invaded and infected by Zombies. Soon Mainland Italy fell to the Zombies, and the Italian held islands declared independence with Sicily playing the key role.

Upon creation of the Mediterraneo Empire in 1947, Sicily went on and conquered all the Greek islands, Malta, and Cyprus and any other islands in the Mediterranean Sea. By 1954 an alliance with New York was established.

In 1955, Sicily went ahead and established the Mediterranean Pirate League, to make sure the Zombies and Jiang Shi don't travel by boats and to make sure they don't invade. Unfortunately, both the Zombies and Jiang Shi are afraid of water, so they wouldn't dare to cross the sea and even more unfortunate, Persian ships in the Mediterranean have been raided. Sicily quickly made a law that non-Zombie ships are to be left alone. Later by 1988, Sicily managed to gain Persia and the North African Republic as its allies.