Република Србија
Republic of Serbia
Flag of Serbia Coat of arms of Serbia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Serbia (Ruins of Vienna)
Либерти Цити
Motto Боже правде
National Anthem Soviet Connection - The Theme
Official languages Serbian
Other languages Greek
Capital Belgrade
Largest City Liberty City (Либерти Цити)
Government Parliamentary republic
President Slavica Đukić Dejanović
Prime Minister Zorica Cvetković
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Currency Euro
Established 2003

The Republic of Serbia is a nation in Europe. It was formed as such after the deformation of the Yugoslavian Federation in 2003.


Serbia was a Superpower since 1910s. They had gotten a huge upgrade and was able to kick out the Hungary Austrians from their land and took a lot of land from them. They wanted a refund but Serbia refused, like a boss. The mighty Serbia then transformed into the Yugoslavian Federation. They went on to fight in the Second World War but was sadly taken down by Italy, as the Italian Mafia was slightly powerless against the Serbian Mafia. They redeclared independence and opposed the fashion and communist rule and went back to democracy, as they are able to capitalise off from it. However soon Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, even though they like Serbia, they wanted to be on their own so they declared independence from Serbia. Serbia had shed a tear but still kept in contact with it's close friends. Later in 2008, Serbia invaded and conquered New York City from the US, and renamed it into Liberty City (Serbian: Либерти Цити).