Hakugyokurou Republik
Hakugyokurou Republiek
Flag of Hakugyokurou
Scandinavia (Rigid Paradise)
Motto Længe leve vores tabt fortid!
(Long live our lost past!)
National Anthem Our lovely Scandinavia
Official languages Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Japanese
Capital Stockholm
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Empress Yuyuko Saigyouji
Prime Minister Youmu Konpaku
Religion Shintō, Taoism, Norse Paganism-Mythology
Currency Scandinavian krone
Established 1942-

The Hakugyokurou Republic, better known as Scandinavia, is a nation in Europe.


Originally, the Dutch Republic and Scandinavia were two separate nations. Both were formed after a special epidemic infected their water supply turning the Dutch and Scandinavians to Ghosts. As the special epidemic went by, the long dead Vikings were brought back as Ghosts and later saw the revival of Norse Paganism and Norse Mythology. By 1930 Scandinavia was reverted back to the Viking Era, but still kept the 1930s technology with them.

By 1942, the Hakugyokurou Republic was established with the merging of the Dutch Republic and Scandinavia. Then by 1955, the Ghost Vikings raided and invaded Britain in revenge for what happened roughly 900-1000 years ago. They managed to win and Britain was annexed into Scandinavia.

The Hakugyokurou Republic is known to have hostile relations with Québec, as the strong Québec navy was able to take Greenland, Iceland, and Ireland and annex them all. Later, Yuyuko Saigyouji visited Québec and both agreed on a peace treaty. When she got back, she turned against them and planned out an invasion of Québec. Finally, by 2020, Yuyuko Saigyouji launched a full invasion of Québec and then by 2025 Québec was annexed into Scandinavia. The Ghost Vikings have finally gotten their revenge and are at peace for now.