جمهورية السعودية الشعبيّة
People's Republic of Saudi Arabia
Timeline: Ruins of Vienna
Flag of Saudi Arabia (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia location (Ruins of Vienna)
Location in Red
Capital: Rumailah
Language: Arabic
Religion: Atheist
Type of government: People's Republic, Communist Single Party State
President: Norah al-Faiz
Currency: Saudi riyal

The People's Republic of Saudi Arabia is a nation in the Middle East.


Saudi Arabia was established in 1932 from previously random kingdoms that happened to establish it in the first place.

It then suffered a Soviet-backed revolution in 1948, with it becoming communist. Soon an attempted coup of it happened in 1949, which failed miserably.

Soon, the Soviets decided to invade Saudi Arabia and occupy it with an iron fist. With that said, some lives were lost, and the Saudi government had an anchor on top of the building so it wouldn't go anywhere.

Occupation lasted until 1970, when the Soviets begun to go back because Saudi Arabia has too much heat. With the Saudi communist government stable, the anchor was removed as well.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Saudi Arabia looked to Cuba for help. Cuba agreed, and soon Saudi Arabia became under Cuban influence.