جمهورية السعودية الشعبيّة
People's Republic of Saudi Arabia
Timeline: Hartmann's Youkai World
Flag of Saudi Arabia (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Red
Capital: Rumailah
Language: Arabic
Religion: Atheist
Type of government: People's Republic, Communist Single Party State
President: Norah al-Faiz
Currency: Saudi riyal

The People's Republic of Saudi Arabia is a nation in the Middle East.


Saudi Arabia was first founded by Parsee Mizuhashi back in 1835, as she was jealous of other nations so she went on to establish her own. She managed to control most of the Arabian Peninsula and wasn't as jealous as now she had her own land to control.

Parsee Mizuhashi had a policy of trying to have some Pyramids made as she was jealous of Egypt having Pyramids. So then Pyramids were made but collapsed easily as it was made completely out of sand. Following this Parsee grew angry at Egypt.

Later on in 1888, Syria declared independence and managed to gain all the land between Turkey and Saudi Arabia-Kuwait, Egypt, and Persia. This caused Parsee to be jealous once again. But by 1890 Parsee got over her jealousy and was friends with Syria.

With the power of jealousy, Parsee Mizuhasi managed to rule over Saudi Arabia, up until 1950. In 1950, Che Guevara made a surprise visit and had a danmaku battle against Parsee. Che Guevara managed to win thanks to his spell card: Guerrillero Heroico 「¡Revolución!」 which caused the Communists in Saudi Arabia to overthrow Parsee Mizuhasi and successfully establish the People's Republic of Saudi Arabia. After her loss, Parsee Mizuhasi fled to Byakuren's Thailand.

Following the victory, Che Guevara became President of the People's Republic of Saudi Arabia until his death in 1971. During his time he met Mao Zedong and Hong Meiling and established an alliance with Communist China and Communist India.