Trần Thị Hoa Ry (1965-) is a cosplayer of Satori Komeiji.


Trần Thị Hoa Ry was born in Hưng Hội village, Vĩnh Lợi District, Bạc Liêu Province in 1965. She begun to cosplay as Satori Komeiji when she was 12. In 1980, she was elected as the Empress of Cambodian Empire, in which she renamed the nation to Satori's Republic of Cambodia. Since then, she established the Pol Pot Service Mail Company and would kill anyone who still referred the nation as Cambodia. This all ceased when Koishiist Japan invaded the Satori's Republic of Cambodia in 1991 to stop the mass killing of people who still referred to the nation as Cambodia for short. After that, Satori's Republic of Cambodia re-gained independence in 1992 after Trần Thị Hoa Ry agreed to Takako Kawasaki's request. The Pol Pot Service Mail Company was closed and soon destroyed by angry Welsh people.

Trần Thị Hoa Ry is hailed as a hero and god in Cambodia, which in turn made Satori Komeiji be also hailed as such.

Trần Thị Hoa Ry (as is the rest of the Cambodians, or the rest of the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation for that matter) is not aware of Satori Komeiji's arrival to the real world. As Satori herself never, and will never go near the Satori's Republic of Cambodia, Trần Thị Hoa Ry will remain in power.