This article is about Satori Komeiji. She is not to be confused with any of these other Satoris on the linked Wikipedia list. She is also not to be confused with her sister, Koishi Komeiji.

Satori Komeiji (古明地 さとり, 古明地 覺, 코메이지 사토리, Комэйдзи Сатори), usually known by her Old Norse name ᛊᚨᛏᛟᚱᛁ ᚴᛟᛗᛖᛁᛃᛁ or in Latin script, Sátǫri Kǫmeiji is Koishi Komeiji's sister. She also loves cats and her favourite cat breeds are British Shorthair, Siberian, Russian Blue, Dragon Li, and Burmese.


Before she lived in the Palace of the Earth Spirits with her sister, she was a Viking on the side of the Danes.

She was around in the Outside World in the 700-900 helping the Vikings and they all conquered Britain. She even led the invasions of Ireland and Netherlands with the Vikings and easily conquered both. The Vikings loved her, though it all went away when the Novogrod Ships begun to take down the Vikings. The Vikings told Sátǫri Kǫmeiji to leave, and so she did. Sátǫri will never forget her Viking friends on the fateful day.

Sometime in the 1200s, Grand Duchy of Moscow conquered Novogrod, and the Novogrod no longer existed. Sátǫri Kǫmeiji was happy that Novogrod was gone but was still sad about her loss. She then lived in the Grand Duchy of Moscow for a while until 1500, she decided to move to the Palace of the Earth Spirits with her sister Koishi Komeiji.

From 1500, Satori Komeiji lived in Palace of the Earth Spirits until 2011 when she travelled from her palace into the real world into Russia by the special machine the Russians invented.

Once in Russia, she decided to see what the world was like, as it had been a long while since she lived in it. So she read up some history books. However, once she read up about the current history of Cambodia, she decided to stay far away from there, as it scared her. So she managed to keep a low profile of her presence.

She managed to fluently speak Russian and lived kinda like one. However, now whenever she speaks Japanese, she speaks it with a moderate Russian accent. She can also speak Ukrainian, Belarus, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Tatar fluently. She can speak some Finnish and Slovakian as well, but at a fourth level area. She also retrains her knowledge of Old Norse, and can speak it and write it fluently.

She also brought the Palace of the Earth Spirits into Russia, and it is located in Novaya Zemlya. That's where Satori lives now, too.

In her spare time, she sails the seas alone, though she has long retired from being a Viking since the Vikings don't exist any more (for now anyway). She still has like around 4-5 Viking ships in storage, and continues to use them.

She writes her name as ᛊᚨᛏᛟᚱᛁ ᚴᛟᛗᛖᛁᛃᛁ and sometimes as Sátǫri Kǫmeiji, to associate herself with her Viking heritage, and so she would not be discovered so easily. Though luckily the Russians and people in Novaya Zemlya have never heard about a Satori worship in Cambodia, so this gives her an advantage. If they did, Sátǫri would try to make sure not to revile her presence outside of Novaya Zemlya, which the locals agree to.

Sátǫri Kǫmeiji also stopped contacting her sister Koishi ever since she moved the Palace of the Earth Spirits to Novaya Zemlya. Sátǫri has a phone but she just lets it ring as she does not want to be tracked down in case if the call comes from Cambodia. Unfortunately, she also ignores calls from Koishi as if Sátǫri answers the phone and the call comes from Japan or anywhere else Sátǫri might get her call tracked and soon would reveal that Sátǫri is living in the real world in Russia. Sátǫri Kǫmeiji doesn't want that so she never answers the phones at all. She also avoids using the internet as well, but enjoys playing games on a computer.