Нитори Кавасиро Российская Федерация
Nitori Kawashiro's Russian Federation
Russian Flag (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of Kamchatka Krai
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Russia (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto прогресс через технологии, также — техническое превосходство
National Anthem Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend
Official languages Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Tatar
Other languages English (written in Cyrillic)
Capital Neo-Kappa (Moscow)
Government Industrial Republic
President Nitori Kawashiro
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Currency Russian Ruble
Established 1991-

Nitori Kawashiro's Russia, also known as the Russian Federation is a nation in Europe.

Though some say it's in Asia.

Really, it's in both Europe and Asia.

However, they obtained 99% of Alaska in 2001, so it's not just in Europe and Asia no more.

So therefore, Nitori Kawashiro's Russia is a nation in Europe, Asia, and Vinland (North America).


See Soviet Union for some of their past and more past history.

Since 1991, Russia has been in a State of Trance. In 1992, a Russian lady who cosplays as Nitori Kawashiro becomes President of Russia. Vladimir Putin become Prime Minister of Russia as well.

The Tac Nayn started to fade away now that the Soviet Union's no longer here.

A similar happened in Germany, but instead Nyan Cat lingers around Bavaria, now wearing lederhosen and drinking beer. It's called, Bavarian Nyan Cat.

Tac Nayn is remember in history for Russia for helping them. Disregard it was just waffles and angry cats they used against the Pop Tart Cats in the war against Germany.

Anyway, Russian economy rose thanks to Tetris, Tourism, and Russian dances.

Well actually one of the Russian dances is actually from Ukraine.

Then in 2001, Sarah Palin took control of Alaska and 99% of it joined Russia because it was good to be back to Mother Russia. Besides, Sarah Palin has all her Russian friends living there, so she wants to live there too.

Later in 2004, the KGB was re-founded, after it went out of business in 1990. It now serves more than just chicken.

Soon in 2008, Nitori Kawashiro from Gensokyo invented the special teleporter machine and teleported to the real world, and landed in Russia. She became President as the one who cosplayed as Nitori Kawashiro decided to step down to allow the real Nitori Kawashiro become President of Russia.

What, what did you expect? The fourth wall was meant to be broken sometime ago, so why not? The forth wall was broken in Greatness Combined! Universe, so why not here? (When I say fourth wall I mean the barrier between fiction and real life)

Unless, no actual fictionales exist in said universe.

If that's the case, then here's what actually happened in 2008.

The Russian Lady who cosplays as Nitori Kawashiro becomes extremely smart and an IQ of over 40000. She soon builds the Fictional to Real Life Machine and was able to transfer the real Nitori Kawashiro to real life. Then, the real Nitori took charge as President of Russia after the Russian Lady who cosplayed as her steps down.

With Russia a step ahead, Koishiist Japan and her allies applauded them for inventing the machine.

There is also a book that came from Russia, titled 'A Cat In The Low Temple', written by Vladimir Lenin back in 1954, and was recovered in 2003. It became a best selling book within Russia after recovery.

In 2010, President Nitori Kawashiro expressed her opinion on wanting to join the European Union, but Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declined as he secretly ate some whale meat. After One and One-Half years of having to listen to Nitori no Uta (Nitori's Song) by Meramipop, Vladimir Put in the application to join the European Union in late 2012.

Soon, in early 2013 Russia was Russian towards the deadline, but ended up in second place, coming a second after Kazakhstan joined the EU.