Нитори Кавасиро Российская Федерация
Nitori Kawashiro's Russian Federation
Russian Flag (Ruins of Vienna) COA Russian Federation (1992)
Flag Coat of Arms
Russian Empire location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Pink
Anthem: The Internationale "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend
Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian, Tatar, Kazakh
Religion: Buddhism
Demonym: Russian
Government: Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic

Under Nitori Kawashiro's rule

President: Nitori Kawashiro
Premier: Vladimir Putin
Currency: Russian ruble

The Russian Federation also known as Nitori Kawashiro's Muscovy was a nation in Europe, Asia, and Vinland.


The Russian Federation was originally an Empire, until 1850. In 1850, Belarus, Baltics, Ukraine had broke away from Russia. Russia had planned to get them back, but after the Polish-Lithuanian Luftwaffe Empire conquered both Ukraine and Baltics 28 days later, Russia decided to leave the Baltic and Ukraine alone.

In 1900, Russia made an agreement with Finland and started their invasion of Canada in 1902 and soon Eastern Canada was annexed under Russian rule.

In 1928, Russia invaded Belarus and was able to re-annex it into the nation.

Then in 1950, seeing as Seiga-Koku (European Union) was becoming a threat, Russia signed an alliance with Finland to better defend themselves from the aggressor. Russia also joined the Japan-led League of Nations, and soon became a part of Japan.

In 2003, Russia invaded Iran and managed to annex the nation.

Though the control of Iran didn't last long. Soon Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran to China for help, with Chinese agreeing. So the Iran War begun in 2005, where the Russians has ran away from Iran. After the war, former Russian Iran ran and been absorbed by the Indian Vortex, thus making Iran part of India.

In 2007, due to humiliation, Russia was absorbed by Koishi Komeiji's Dark Heart power and became under direct Japanese control.