Ruins of Vienna

What Vienna looks like today.

The Ruins of Vienna (German: Ruinen von Wien), formerly called Vienna is a city and the capital of Austria. It was once a thriving and living city until 1915, and as a result Austria-Hungary collapsed.

Soon the city became capital of the province of Austria. Despite it still being the capital, no effort was made to rebuilt it.

Then in 1939 Germany absorbed Austria, and during it's rule of Kaiser Germany Vienna was rebuilt. Though by 1943 Vienna was destroyed once again.

Since then, Vienna had been in ruins and it was never rebuilt. By 1970, Vienna was officially renamed and called the 'Ruins of Vienna' as a result.

In 2000, some effort of trying to rebuild the city begun but they soon gave up in 2002.

Never the less, it remains the capital of Austria.

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