朝鮮県 (Chōsen-ken)
Flag of Suwako Moriya's Korea Seal of the Government-General of Korea
Flag Coat of Arms
South Korea location map
Motto 광명천지!
(光明天地, Kwangmyeong cheonji)
(Let there be light across the land!)
National Anthem Native Faith
Official languages Korean, Japanese
Capital Keijō/Gyeongseong (京城/경성)
Government Under Japanese Rule
Empress Kanako Yasaka
Governor Lee Myung Bak
Religion State Shintō
Currency Japanese Yen
Established 1910-

The Prefecture of Korea is a Prefecture of Japan. It used to cover all the Korean peninsula until 1970, when Northern Korea declared independence. Since the incident, Kanako Yasaka decided to have the Prefecture of Korea a flag to counter Taoism. Soon a flag of the Prefecture of Korea was decided upon and would have Suwako's colours on it, it was adopted and made official in 1985. It's purpose was successful and the Moriya Shrine was able to gain more faith from the Prefecture of Korea and keep it under their own influence.

In 1990, there was a vote to merge the Prefecture of Korea with Fukuoka Prefecture, with was successful for a while up until 2017 when it was separated again.