Polsko-Litewska Luftwaffe Imperium
Lenkijos-Lietuvos Luftwaffe Imperija
Польсько-литовські Люфтваффе імперії

Poland-Lithuania Empire
Flag of Lithuania
Flag of Poland-Lithuania Empire
Anthem: Poland-Lithuania Forever!
Capital: Vilnius & Warsaw
Language: Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian
Religion: State Shinto
Demonym: Polish-Lithuanian
Government: Imperial

Under Seiga's rule

European Empress: Empress Seiga Kaku
Prime Minister: Katalin Lévai
Annexation: to Seiga-koku (European Union), 1950
Currency: Euro

The Polish-Lithuanian Luftwaffe Empire was a country in Europe.


Poland and Lithuania decided to get married in 1569 and soon evolved into Poland-Lithuania at level 1570. The Polish-Lithuanian Empire begun to grow by eating away other people's lands and soon taking all of Eastern Europe save for Russia and the Balkans under their control.

The Poland-Lithuanian Empire then got even more Hungary and absorbed all of the Balkans in 1688. Seeing the Polish-Lithuanian Empire, Russia made a desperate attempt to save its wife Belarus. It was successful and Russia managed to unite with Belarus before the Polish-Lithuanians were able to get to her.

Reimu Hakurei begun to grow angry at the Poland-Lithuanian Empire and in 1721 she sent them some Angry Birds, which obviously angered the Polish-Lithuanian people. Since then, Finland and Poland-Lithuania became enemies ever since.

Poland-Lithuania managed to counter-attack a Napoleon invasion in the 1800s, and this caused Napoleon to invade and conquer all of Northern Africa before occidentally sailing to Mexico in 1820 where Napoleon died.

In 1825, fearing Prussia's new growth, the Polish-Lithuanian people decided to invade their lands and managed to crush them before they became a threat.

By 1871, all the little tiny German states that can't be clearly seen on a map managed to all merge and evolve into The German Empire. This became clearly a threat to all of Europe. The Polish-Lithuanian people however just rolled their eyes and begun to prepare themselves.

In 1914, First World War begun with Germany and France getting into a battle with each other, and Germany used used the Kaiser spell card, in which it was super effective and France fainted (and got annexed). With a growing German Empire, the Polish-Lithuanian people continued to watch them.

The First World War ended with Central Victory (German Empire and Ottoman Empire), and Germany gaining Benelux, parts of Spain, Andorra, Monaco, parts of Northern Italy, and all of French Northern Africa. Hearing this victory, Poland-Lithuania begun to finally worry a bit, and the current King got scared and met with Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine Maiden of Finland and asked for a temporary alliance against Germany with added donations. Reimu agreed to the Polish-Lithuanian King offer.

In 1933, Seiga Kaku arrived in Poland-Lithuania and managed to become Prime Minister, as the Polish-Lithuanians had awaited her arrival all along. In 1934 the Polish-Lithuanian King died, and there was no successors, so the Polish-Lithuanian people promoted Seiga Kaku to become new Empress of Poland-Lithuania. Shortly after hearing this Reimu Hakurei broke off the temporary alliance and Finland and Poland-Lithuania became enemies again.

In 1938, the German Kaiser grew angry at Spain for being a pain to them and thus another war started. By 1940, Germany took over all of Western Europe (except Switzerland and British Isles) and decided to go after Poland-Lithuania. However, it was a big mistake and the Poland-Lithuanian Empire managed to overrun Germany and soon the huge German Kaiser Empire was flattened and ceased to exist. Poland-Lithuania also begun to attack the Ottoman Empire, effectively tearing their empire to shreds and annexed Turkey by 1942.

The British Empire at this point released all it's dominions and colonies free, as they wanted them to be spared. The British Isles attempted to defend themselves, but it failed. In 1944, the Polish-Lithuanian Empire stormed into the British Isles and after a heavy thunderstorm the British Isles was then annexed by Poland-Lithuania.

After the Great European War was over, Poland-Lithuania achieved great victory, and set the captured African lands free. At level 1950, Poland-Lithuania evolved into the European Union.