República del Perú
Перу Республикасы

Timeline: Ruins of Vienna
Flag of Peru CoA of Peru (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Peru location map
Location of Peru highlighted
Capital: Lima
Kazakh, Spanish
  Other languages: Russian
Religion: Buddhism
Type of government: Republic
President: Nadine Heredia
Established: 1999
Currency: Peruvian nuevo sol

Republic of Peru, known easily as Peru, is a nation in Amazonia.


Peru has no history before 1950 because Keine Kamishirasawa.

However from 1954 to 1956 Peru was ruled by a Spaniard Bull. Due to this, the Peruvians united and managed to kill the Spaniard Bull, and cooked it and ate it.

Soon, a butterfly became President of Peru from 1956 to 1966. Said butterfly was controlled by a Yuyuko so the Peruvians didn't dare to overthrow the butterfly. However the butterfly did help to kick out the US from Peru in 1960.

From 1967 until 1980 Peru was ruled by Juan Velasco Alvarado who was a Commufascist. He led the way of a broken Hammer and a stabbing Sickle which then caused the Peruvian Sickle Massacre from 1978 to 1979, killing 1,000,000 Peruvians in the process. He soon was overthrown in 1980 and killed by another Yuyuko controlled butterfly.

Then from 1980 until 1998 Kim Il Sung led Peru and established an Juche Republic, that was flexible. The Juche Republic was in many flavours, including orange, apple, grape, but Banana Juche Republic was best rated. Soon, many flavours of this new Juche were sold as an exotic drink. The Juche was actually a mix of juice and alcohol put together, hence Juche. Due to too many people getting drunk, Kim Il Sung stepped down in 1998 and disestablished the Juche Republic, and he was able to flee successfully.

In 1999 Peru was hit by the Kazakh Wave, and then became Kazakh influenced. Then Nadine Heredia was elected president of Peru and she renamed it to the Republic of Peru, thus beginning a new Peru.

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