Север Ююкославија Република
Sjeverna Yuyukoslavija Republika
Flag Croatia (Ruins of Vienna) CoA Croatia (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of North Yugoslavia (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Yugoslavia forever!
National Anthem Bloom Nobly, Ink-black Cherry Blossom ~ Border of Life
Official languages Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
Other languages Bosnian
Capital Zagreb
Government Ghost Democratic Republic
President Danira Bilić (cosplaying as Yuyuko Saigyouji)
Prime Minister Vesna Škare-Ožbolt
Religion Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism
Currency Euro
Established 2004-

North Yuyukoslavian Republic, also known as North Yugoslavia Republic or North Yugoslavia or North Yuyukoslavia is a nation in Europe.


Before North Yugoslavia, there was Yugoslavian Federation. The Yugoslavian Federation was originally established by Serbia in 1925, and lasted until 2002, when it dissolved.

However, in 2003, when Slovenia was accepted to be part of the European Union next year, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, decided to merge with Slovenia to from North Yugoslavia.

In 2004, North Yugoslavia joined the European Union and adopted the Euro in 2009.

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