Nordiska Federatsija
Nordisk Federatsija
Pohjoismaiden Federaatio

Flag Nordic Federation (A Cat In The Low Temple) Postal Mark (Japan)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Nordic Federation (A Cat In The Low Temple)
Motto There is no true darkness; even in Scandinavia there is light.
National Anthem Faith Is for the Transient People
Official languages Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Greenlandic
Other languages Danish
Capital Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Reykjavík
Government Parliamentary republic
President Sanae Kochiya
Prime Minister Marisa Kirisame
Religion Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism
Currency Nordic Krone
Established 1939-

Nordic Federation is a nation in Europe. It is the smallest nation in the world.


The Nordic Federation was established in 1939 with the merging of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands after the fall of Denmark to Lunatic Germany. Though their main concern was the Soviet Union, they declared war against them separately, not being allied to Germany. With the Scandinavian effort the ever scared Soviet Union retreated in 1940 and gave them Kaleria and Kola and some other land from Russian SFSR. Soon, shortly after the war, the Nordic Federation had fought off the invading Lunatic Kaiser Germany. After Sanae Kochiya was elected as President of the Nordic Union in 1943, Lunatic Kaiser Germany completely retreated from Scandinavia. Then from then on, the Nordic Union pursued it's own interests, soon becoming allied with Democratic Brazil and Àozhōu in 1948.

After Lunatic Germany fell in 1955, being replaced by a democratic Kaiser Germany, Brazil, Àozhōu and Nordic Federation became allied with them.

Despite being rivals most of the time, Sanae Kochiya also established an alliance with Reimu Hakurei, of the Miko Republic. She promised her protection against Zhuórè dìyù jī. Having said that, the Nordic Federation is the only nation that recognises the Miko Republic.

The Nordic Federation is listed as the number one enemy of Huǒyànmāo Lín, mainly because of Marisa Kirisame.