Империя Нью-Йорк
Imperium van Nieuwe York

Empire of New York
Prinsenvlag New Netherlands Seal
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of New York (Rigid Paradise)
Capital: New York City
Language: New York English, Russian, Chinese, Dutch
Religion: Atheist
Demonym: New Yorker
Government: Parliamentary republic
President: Grace Meng
Prime Minister: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Currency: New York Dollar

New York is a nation in Vinland.


New York declared independence shortly after the United States was Balkanised in 1947 following the American defeat by the Empire of Japan. A few hours after establishment, New York faced invasion by Québéc. The New Yorkers managed to defeat Québéc however and with that, Québéc stopped its expansion. A day later, the Empire of New York was established and begun to invade some states to build up its strength. Not wanting to be conquered, the other former states begun to ally with each other to defend themselves from New York's expansionist policy. After New York's defeat in Kentucky in 1950, a treaty was signed which forbid New York to expand any further into the former states.

In 1954, New York established an alliance with the Mediterranean Empire.