Repubblica di Venezia Nuova
Republic of New Venice
Flag of Umbria Coat of Arms of Spain (1939-1945)
Flag Coat of Arms
New Venice Location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Brown
Capital: New Orleans
Language: Italian
Religion: Sikhism
Demonym: Venetians
Government: Democratic Republic

Under Mexican Rule

President: Mara Bizzotto
Prime Minister: Tenshi Hinanawi
Currency: Venetian lira

New Venice was established by Italians in 1620s to try out new land. The lands here were rich and the weather was similar to Italy. By 1725 however, the first Typhoon struck the land, one never seen by the Italians before.

Later New Spain was established next to them, which made the Italians suspicious. Once Mexico gained independence in 1821, New Venice was already building in power thanks to the windmills.

However in 1845, Mexico invaded New Venice and managed to defeat them within a year.

In 1930, the Italians tried to introduce the Cultural Revolution to Mexico, in which Mexico suffered greatly, and managed to secure New Venice independence. Unfortunately, Mexico was able top rebuild and by the end of the Minor Second World War, Mexico managed to turn New Venice back into a vassal, and thus New Venice is under Mexican rule for good.

Since then, the Italians in New Venice gave up.

In 2005, three powerful Typhoons manage to turn New Orleans into flood-lands. This gave the locals an idea and manage to turn flooded New Orleans into a city like Venice back in Italy. It became a huge hit, and thus making New Orleans now immune to flooding.