Nieuw Nederland
New Netherlands
New Netherlands flag (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Flag of New Netherlands
New Netherlands location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue
Anthem: Captain Murasa
Capital: New Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Religion: Shinto
Demonym: Dutch
Government: Democratic Republic
President: Minamitsu Murasa
Prime Minister: N/A
Currency: Dutch guilder

New Netherlands is a nation in Vinland.


The colony was originally founded by some Dutch along with Captain Minamitsu Murasa who managed to let lost at sea and landed on Vinland in 1545. Shortly after, they begun to colonise the area and made some animals their new best friends. Minamitsu Murasa also became the Supreme Governor of New Netherlands.

Over time, the colony slowly grew and managed to grow 1km a year, for a while until it stopped growing in 1700 thanks to the very angry natives who wrote the Dutch a letter telling them how angry they are. The Dutch however didn't care and managed to fight off the natives.

In 1800, the rest of the people in the Netherlands decided to flee to New Netherlands and the colony expanded very greatly thanks to the fleeing Dutch. Apparently all the Dutch fled from Europe thanks to France. Since then, all the Dutch in the world all live in New Netherlands only, and they begun to fear everyone else.

By 1850, Finland and New Netherlands managed to become good friends and New Netherlands became an ally of Finland. Though soon New Netherlands became a pet of Finland.

For a while, New Netherlands had protection and such, and they lived happily ever after...

...until 1967, when during the decline of Finland, the Dutch grew angry at Reimu Hakurei for her self snobbishness and disregard for anyone else but herself. new Netherlands was then set free and Capitan Minamitsu Murasa told a famous speech to the Dutch and promoted their nationalism, which was successful.

After the complete fall of Finland in 1984, President Capitan Minamitsu Murasa of the New Netherlands decided to close the New Netherland-European Union border to prevent the EU from attempting an invasion. The EU guard dogs growled at them and walked away, which meant the border was a success.

New Netherlands continues to be prosperous to this day.

From time to time, a Flying Dutchman Ship can be found on occasion in the Atlantic Ocean, only at night and always scares other ships. Even more rarely, Capitan Minamitsu Murasa herself sometimes sail around the Ocean for no good reason other than sometimes scaring and even sinking other ships.