Miko Republik/Republiken
Miko Tasavalta
Miko Republic

Miko Republic flag (A Cat In The Low Temple)
Miko Republic location (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Silent Nights
National Anthem Maiden's Capriccio
Official languages Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish
Other languages Japanese
Capital Hakurei Shrine (OTL Southend, Saskatchewan)
Government Parliamentary republic
President Reimu Hakurei
Prime Minister N/A
Religion Shinto, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism
Currency Not acceptable
Established 1950-

The Miko Republic is a nation in Vinland.


In 1950 after both Zhuórè dìyù jī and Lunatic Germany invaded Vinland, they both took lands from it but had a huge and wide division line between them, as a buffer zone. In the same year, Reimu Hakurei invaded the land, and destroyed all those who were in the remains of the US that was with-in the buffer zone, and established the Miko Republic.

In 1951, all the former Canadians decided to live further right, being 300km away from the dangerous nation of Zhuórè dìyù jī. They all accept Reimu Hakurei as their leader and protector. Reimu has promised the Canadians freedom and allowed them to keep their lifestyle and protect them.

In 1952, Reimu Hakurei created a huge barrier separating Zhuórè dìyù jī and the Miko Republic, and so that border can't be crossed by either side.

In 1955, after the fall of Lunatic Germany and the establishment of Democratic Germany, Reimu Hakurei removed the barrier between the Miko Republic-German border as it was deemed safe and no longer a threat.

While the Miko Republic is mainly neutral, Reimu Hakurei has support for Democratic Germany and it's allies. Reimu also established relations with the Nordic Federation in 1954 and both have friendly relations with each other.