Hina Kagiyama's República de México
Mexican Flag (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of arms of Mexico
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Mexico (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Spin spin, Hina likes to spin. Also, ¡Viva México!
National Anthem Dark Side of Fate
Official languages Mexican, Portuguese
Other languages Japanese
Capital Mexico City
Government Federal Republic
President Hina Kagiyama
Prime Minister Margarita Zavala
Religion Confucianism, Shinto
Currency Mexican peso
Established 1999-

Hina Kagiyama's República de México, also known as Hina Kagiyama's Mexico, is a nation in Vinland (North America)


Mexico had invaded all of Central America during Second World War for unclear reasons. After Second World War, Mexico remained opposed to the US, and was secretly collaborating with Kogasanian Britain as well. Soon Mexico became so strong and was heavily Kogasanian and Koishiist influenced that they were easily managed to oppose puny US propaganda. By 1965, a Mexican lady who cosplayed Hina Kagiyama became leader of Mexico, who was, in 2011, eventually succeeded by the real Hina Kagiyama who was transported to the real world thanks to Mother Russia's invention of a special machine that can transfer fictional to real.

Soon in 1992, Mexico helped Kogasanian influenced Argentina in the First Great Galactic War, and had invaded the US, and left them a dent on their houses after the US lost.

Mexico is the strongest nation in the Vinland continent, with second place being the U.S. and the third being Canada.