Grande Imperio Mexicano
Grande Mexican Empire
Mexican Flag (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of arms of Mexico
Flag Coat of Arms
Mexican Empire location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Brown
Capital: Mexico City
Language: Spanish
Religion: Shinto
Demonym: Mexican
Government: Democratic Republic

Under Hina Kagiyama's Rule

Empress: Hina Kagiyama
Prime Minister: Margarita Zavala
Currency: Mexican Peso

Mexico is a nation in Vinland.


It was first called New Spain, and was established by Spain back in 1600s. It was unnoticed by New Venice until around 1750, when New Spain begun to expand into territory next to them.

When Hina Kagiyama arrived into New Spain around 1820, she heated up the independence movement and by 1821 Mexico was established. Hina Kagiyama became Empress and gave Spain some curses. Spain then became cursed and was absorbed by Portugal around 1850, in which now former Spain is fully Portuguese speaking.

Mexico then invaded New Venice in 1845, and annexed them a year later after war was won, thanks to the help of Tornadoes.

In 1930, Mexico suffered the Cultural Revolution brought by Italy, which caused a short feudal era. Hina managed to defeat the mini clans and reunite Mexico by 1939, and by 1945 Mexico conquered New Venice and turned into a vassal.

Mexican Empire's power is rivalled by the Brazilian Empire below it, though both are friends.