Lunar Republic
Flag of Luna (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Republic that recognises no superior
National Anthem Watatsuki's Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue
Official languages Japanese
Other languages Korean
Capital Lunar Capital
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
President Watatsuki no Yorihime
Prime Minister Watatsuki no Toyohime
Religion Shintoism
Currency Lunar Yen
Established 1720-

The Lunar Republic is a nation, located on ze Moon.


It was said that back in 1969 during the Soviets visit to the Moon that there had been life there. The Soviets left their flag behind standing on the moon, and three days later, some Moon Rabbits came by and destroyed the Soviet flag.

Later, in 2100, it was finally discovered that there was life on the moon and the above statement was actually true.

In 2300, some Humans decided to declare war on the Moon because they wanted to explore it, and it led to the Human-Lunarian War. Unfortunately the Humans lost the war, because they couldn't handle the Peaches thrown at them and so they retreated.

Later by 2900, Darth Vader tried to invade Luna. But with the Lunarians superior Better-Than-You technology, they managed to beat Darth Vader. Even though the short battle was won, it wasn't over yet. However a few of the Moon Rabbits, including Reisen II, decided to host a dance party.

In 2901, the Final Galactic Extra Stage War happened. This time, Watatsuki no Yorihime and Watatsuki no Toyohime participated in this war along with some of the other Lunarians. They managed to keep any Spaceship from invading Luna.

By 6501 the war was over. Watatsuki no Yorihime made a new holiday on the Third Day of the Third Month named 'Victory over Star Wars' Day. On that day, the Lunarians would have a huge party and dance to some popular pop songs, but usually they dance to PSY's classical hit, Gangnam Style.