This is a list of Nations.

Anyway, the world split mostly in either Koishi Komeiji's influence or Kogasa Tatara's influence. Note that other influences exist, but are nowhere near as powerful as Koishi's or Kogasa's.

Under Koishi Komeiji's influenceEdit

Under Kogasa Tatara's influenceEdit

This is a list of nations that are, SURPRISE!

Anyway, Kogasa Tatara and Koishi Komeiji support each other, and Koishi Komeiji allowed Kogasa Tatara for her own influence. All nations (and organisation) in this list are automatically allied with Koishi Komeiji's Japan and other member nations of the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation.

  • See also: Flag of EU (Ruins of Vienna) European Union. All the EU member nations are under Kogasa Tatara's influence, save for Spain and Serbia.
    • Members of EU are as follows (along with Sweden, Finland, and Romania above, they are members too): Hungary, Flag of Germany (Ruins of Vienna) Germany, Denmark-Norway [includes Iceland and Greenland], Poland-Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, France, Flag Croatia (Ruins of Vienna) North Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Austria.

Under Cuban InfluenceEdit

This was formed in 1999, by Cuba.

Under Star Wars influenceEdit

Since 1985

Under Kazakh influenceEdit

Unaligned to major influencesEdit


  • If you were thinking Switzerland, you are sadly mistaken.
    • It's influenced by Aya Shameimaru. That Karasu Tengu has invaded and influenced them since 2002, and no one knew.
      • Well despite Aya Shameimaru influencing them, the nations of the world still lists for this category:
  • Flag of Switzerland (Ruins of Vienna) Switzerland

They were neutral, always have been, and Aya Shameimaru influence doesn't matter as (almost) everyone hates the Karasu Tengu for historical and camera reasons.

This has caused a huge debate in the European Union in 2003, and by 2008, Switzerland was not allowed to join the European Union at all.

Which is all fine, Switzerland never joined a organisation and stayed neutral, and will remain neutral. The Swiss government had discussed about this in 2009 that this is their final decision anyway.

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