한국의 도교 공화국
Flag of Korea alt
North Korea Map
Motto 풍수 은 생명의 길입니다!
(Feng shui is the way of life!)
National Anthem Legend of the Great Gods
Official languages Korean
Capital Pyongyang
Government Taoist Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President Mononobe no Futo
Prime Minister Park Geun-hye
Religion Taoist
Currency Korean Won
Established 1970-

The Taoist Republic of Korea is a nation in Asia.


After China had annexed the Russian Far East, Northern Korea soon fell into Chinese influence, despite the fact that Korea was a part of Japan. Later the effects were felt, and by 1950 Taoism was seen on the rise in Northern Korea.

Hideki Tōjō toured through the Prefecture of Korea in 1960, and during his visit in Pyongyang, he didn't feel the heavy Chinese/Taoist influence that was going on as it was well hidden. Later in 1963, Mononobe no Futo decided to plan out the independence of Northern Korea, as she wanted some land to control for herself.

By 1970, Mononobe no Futo managed to have Northern Korea declare independence. This angered Hideki Tōjō, and he planned for an invasion but as he did, he died of lung cancer. Shortly after Kanako Yasaka took power of Japan, she recognised the North Korean independence. Following the incident however, Kanako Yasaka decided to gather faith in the Prefecture of Korea that is still under Japanese rule, and managed to increase her influence there to prevent Mononobe no Futo from uniting the Korean Peninsula.