This article is about Koishi Komeiji. Her first name is not to be confused with Kōchi, Kochi, Koichi, Kōichi, Koshi, or any other variants of the name. She is also not to be confused with....well, there's Hiroya Komeiji who has done a tour with Tavito Nanao. Last thing, she is, definatley, not to be confused with her sister Satori Komeiji.

Koishi Komeiji (古明地 こいし; 古明地 戀; 코메이지 코이시) known as Her most eminent Highness, the Shogun of Japan, Empress of Hokkaidō, of Sendai, of Kyūshū, of Shikoku, of Honshū, of Kōchi (Kōchi Prefecture), of Kochi City in Kerala India, Duchess of Kōchi in Hiroshima Prefecture, Kōchi Prefecture, Kōshi in Kumamoto Prefecture, former Koshi Province, Koshi District in city of Niigata Japan, Leader of Kochi Tuskers Kerala, CEO of Kochi Refineries, Kochi Metro, President of Koshi in Larnaca Cyprus, Koshi River, Koshi Zone.[1] is the current Prime Minister of Japan.


She originally was living in Palace of the Earth Spirits until she travelled from her palace into the real world into Russia by the special machine the Russians invented. Soon she decided to tour the Outside World, but soon found Russia quite strange. In 2011, she moved to Kamchatka to catch a ferry to Japan. Later in Late 2011 she became Prime Minister of Japan with Takako Kawasaki her supporter and helper.

She is also best friends with Kogasa Tatara and also friends with Watatsuki no Toyohime and Nue Houjuu.

She can speak a variety of languages: Japanese (first language), Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Nepali, Cambodian. With European languages, she uses a translator, though she understands Hungarian pretty well.

She lives in Kōchi Castle in Kōchi, Kōchi Prefecture. In fact, the castle was actually named after her, though minus the 'i' and with a strengthened 'o' and the 's' is replaced with a 'c' and thus, Kōchi.

She has visited many places that are variants of her first name. Kochi, India; Kōchi and Kōchi Prefecture, etc. And also controls said places too.

She also hates Timo Soini. Timo Soini had plans to take power in Finland and establish 'Nationalist Republic of Finland', and he would side with Australia. In fact, Koishi hates the True Finns Party in general. Koishi refers Timo Soini as 'That Pig-Head from Angry Birds' and she also mentioned that he was a 'Fascist, Ruthless, Power-Hungary, Uncultured, as well as having a Short Temper' though other than that, she has nothing much to say about him. More then likely because Koishi hates Timo Soini so much, she rather not talk about, or even mention, him.

Ever since the Palace of the Earth Spirits have been moved above ground and to Novaya Zemlya, and the fact that her sister, Satori Komeiji, has moved there too (she brought the palace to Russia), Koishi has had no contact with her. When Koishi tries to call, the phone never stops ringing. In fact, Koishi does not even know that her sister is living all the way up in Russia and is unaware of it....for now anyway.


  1. She does not rule over anyone named (whether surname or given name): Kōichi or Koichi or Kouichi (first three are given names) or Koishi (surname) or variants of it, because they are people and not locations, companies, geographic locations etc.. Note that she actually rules all over the places mentioned in her royal title however.