Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa (杰西卡 あくたがわ) (1925-2003) and Aanya Eastaughffe (1972-) were/are the cosplayers of Kogasa Tatara.

Jiéxīkǎ AkutagawaEdit

Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa was born in 11 Downing Street, In Worcester, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. She was interested in business corporations, which led her into politics in 1934, and also begun to cosplay as Kogasa Tatara in 1936. Soon after Winston Churchill ragequit in 1940, Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa became Prime Minister of the UK while still continuing to Cosplay as Kogasa Tatara. This surprised the whole United Kingdom, gave a few Brits a Heart Attack, however despite this they were prepared to fight off the Germs. Also after she took role of Prime Minister, this shocked and surprised FDR and the Americans. This caused the USA to pull a Cirno[1] and declare war against the Empire of Gensokyo, despite Gensokyo being on the allied side. This angered Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa, the rest of the British, and of course the allies. Soon the US finally realised that Gensokyo was allied, made peace with them, and begun to side with the allies and attack Germany and Italy. However, Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa was already doing well despite them having to join the war. So in 1943 she surprised the Italians by attack Italian North Africa. As she made an appearance there, the Italians were so shocked and surprised that they just stood there and soon all got crushed by the British. A day later, the British were able to crush and defeat the Italians in Italy, thus causing Italy to be out of war. After their victory, FDR got a Heart Attack and died just then when he was eating Bacon, which caused Harry S. Truman to become President of USA. By the end of 1944 the USSR had crushed Germany on their own and annexed them.

After Second World War, she was very influential, with Argentina being one of the first to become Kogasanian influenced. Also after the war, she led a Cold War against both the Soviet Union and the USA.

She also participated in a war against Australia in 1971. Though after finding out that she lost the war, she herself got surprised and shocked, which in turn caused the real Kogasa Tatara got shocked and surprised by the result.

Then in 1992 she helped Kogasanian-influenced Argentina in the liberation of Latin America, to rid of the US imperialism there. The war was a success, and the Cold War was won by Kogasanian Britain.

In the 1997 election, she lost to Tony Blair, thus bringing Labour rule to Britain for a while. The United Kingdom was also renamed to Labour Britain during Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's rule; and caused all Kogasanian-influenced nations and allies turn to Koishiist Japan for support.

Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa died in 2003 by a heart attack.

Aanya EastaughffeEdit

Aanya Eastaughffe was born in 1972 in Lancaster, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. She was influenced by politics and business, and also changed her last name to Eastaughffe in 1983. She also begun to cosplay as Kogasa Tatara after her mother, Jiéxīkǎ Akutagawa, died in 2003. She became Queen/Empress of the United Kingdom after Queen Elizabeth II died by a Shark Attack in 2006. It also happened to be at the exact moment in time when David Cameron was elected Prime Minister in 2006.

She stepped down on 2012年3月3日 after the real Kogasa Tatara who arrived via special machine from Russia moved to the United Kingdom. Though she became Kogasa Tatara's servant.


  1. To 'pull a Cirno' means 'Idiot move/action'