Kogasa Tatara (多々良 小傘; たたら こがさ; 多多良 小傘; 타타라 코가사) known as Her most eminent Highness, the Empress of Britain, England, of Wales, of Scotland, of Ireland, of South Africa, of Kenya, of Egypt, of Sudan, of Zimbabwe, of Botswana, of Zambia, of Mozambique, of Malawi, of Tanzania, of Rwanda, of Burundi, of Tatra Mountains, Duchess of Tatra County, Tatra National Park in Poland, Tatra National Park in Slovakia, Tatra in Estonia, Tatra River, Tata in Hungary, Tartar in Switzerland, Tatar, Łódź Voivodeship, CEO of Takara and Takara Tomy, Tata Group, Tatra (company), Tatra Guitars.[1][2] is the current Empress of Britain.


Kogasa Tatara originally hung out around Myouren Temple, until she decided to move out of there and moved to the real world via special machine of Russia in early 2011. After she entered the real world, she took a tour around Russia and found it interesting. During her visit in Russia, she bough herself a Russian hat and has been wearing one since then. After hearing about Britain, she decided to move there in late 2011, and was made Empress of Britain a day later. She easily took leadership, as she had a huge knowledge of politics for reasons unknown.

She is also best friends with Koishi Komeiji.

She also has a huge umbrella collection as well, and is also experienced at skydiving.

She also likes to scare/surprise people sometimes. So sometimes she decided to scare some politicians if they are posing a threat, slacking and some other stuff.


  1. Shahrak Tatar, Tatar, Amasya, Tatar, Azerbaijan, Tartar (city), Tatar, Jabrayil, Tatar, Qubadli, Tatar, North Khorasan, Tatar, Zangilan, are a few more places that have variants of Tatara in the name, but Kogasa doesn't want to include it in her royal title because she wants nothing to do with the Middle East
  2. Also note that she does not rule over people with a surname of Tanaka or variants thereof. She only rules over companies, locations, etc. and not people. Just like Koishi Komeiji.

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