Die Nyan Katzen Kaiserreich Deutschland
Flag of Germany (Ruins of Vienna) Kaiser Nyan Cat
Flag Coat of Arms
Kaiser Germany greatest extent (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Nyan Katze mit uns!
(Nyan Cat with us!)
National Anthem Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
Official languages Nyan, German
Other languages Catalan language
Capital München
Government Der Kaiser Empire, One Party Cat Nationalist State
Kaiser Wilhelm III and his Cat
Chancellor Nyan Kazte
Religion Confucianism
Currency Nyan Mark
Established 1871

Kaiser Germany or Kaiseryan Germanyan was a nation lasting from 1871 to 1945.


For modern history of the nation, see Germanyan

Kaiser Wilhelm II's cat

The actual leader of Kaiser Germany during Second World War, also pet of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Germanyan was first established by Otto Von Bismark Platz in 1871. Then, by 1900 Kaiser Germany fell asleep and begun to slack off. They completely slept through the Austria-Hungary conflict. Because of this, Serbia was able to get an upgrade and was able to crush Austria-Hungary. However the Germanyans continued to slack off like nobody's business. But they're lazy, angry folk so that was expected.

Soon, by 1925 a pop-tart was invented by Friedrichyan Ebertyan. Soon in the 12th month of 1930 some Germanyan got the idea of having a cat eating a pop-tart. This effectively created the Nyan language and soon subdivisions of said language were established. Nyan language soon became another official language in Kaiser Germanyan along with German.

All of a sudden, in 1939, Kaiser Germany annexed Austria out of know where, and was renamed Austriayn. The Kaiser then got the Insanity Disease and went on a rampage. He then created lots of pop tarts and use both pop tarts and cats to fight against the Soviet Unionyan. By 1943 Kaiser Germany was at it's greatest extent, but soon when the Soviets launched Operation Tac Nayn all was lost. Kaiser Germany was then crushed and defeated, and the Kaiser got poisoned to death by Joseph Stalin.

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