Motto When you're Russian for food there's no time for Stalin (1920-1991) (2004-) [Both Secret Intelligence Agency & Fast Food]
Finger lickin' good (2004-) [Fast Food only]
Country of Origin Russia
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Minsk, Belarus
Type Fast Food Company, Secret Intelligence Agency
CEO Dmitry Medvedev
Established 1920 (Russia and Belarus, under Soviet Union)
2004 (Russia)

The KGB is a Fast Food Restaurant in the Soviet Union established in 1920. It was a service to find and kill any opposer of Stalin's rule, as well as selling chicken. The company lasted until 1991, when it collapsed along with the Soviet Union.

The company was re-founded in 2004, in Nitori Kawashiro's Russia, and it sells all kinds of chicken, as well as some salads, chips, crisps, and some sushi.

However, the company remained in operation in Belarus after the fall of the Soviet Union, though it was renamed to the Belarus KGB. The Belarus KGB became a subdivision of the KGB after it was re-founded in 2004 in Russia.

The KGB can be mainly found within the former Soviet Union, Kogasanian Britain and Koishiist Japan, all over Europe and Asia, with some in Kogasanian British Africa, and in Brazil and parts of Amazonia (South America), and in Minamitsu Murasa's Canada and Hina Kagiyama's Mexico.