古明地 こいし 日本国
Koishi Komeiji's Japan
Flag of Japan Coat of Arms Japan (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Japan (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto 我々は今ある状態を保ちたい(我々は独立していたい)
(We want to remain what we are)
National Anthem Hartmann's Youkai Girl
Official languages Japanese, Taiwanese
Other languages Korean
Capital Kōchi, Kōchi Prefecture
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
Emperor Akihito
Prime Minister Koishi Komeiji
Religion Shintō
Currency Japanese Yen
Established 1989-

Nippon-koku or Koishi Komeiji's Japan, also known as Koishiist Japan, Palace of the Earth Spirits, Land of the Rising Sun, (Koishi) Komeiji Shogunate; and formerly known as Empire of Gensokyo or Gensokyo; and prior to that was also known as Empire of Japan and the list goes on.... a nation in East Asia.


Japan was just a fine nation, all went well. Besides participating in a Worldwide Chess Championship in 1919, Japan was all fine and nothing went wrong.

In 1920 a Classical Manga Artist, named Kantarō Suzuki (no relation to the Japanese military leader of the same name) created the Touhou Project (later to become the most famous and most referenced in the world and etc.). In 1923, Japan also invented the most powerful weapon in the world, which was called Danmaku.

Soon Cosplay was created in 1925, and soon a Japanese Lady cosplayed Koishi Komeiji and became Prime Minister of Japan.

Then the Empire of Japan became the Empire of Gensokyo.

With those Europeans dancing around in their little colonial possessions in Asia and the USA acting gangster in the Philippines, it angered Gensokyo that those Westerners would commit such horrible crimes.

First, the Koreans were treated nice and kindly again and Koreans got freedom. Because Koishi Komeiji has a kind heart.

But as the Europeans were lurking around Asia, keeping an eye out of suspicion, roaming around like no one's business. Still there in 1929? Yes. They are like fish, minding their own business until captured.

Speaking of which, Emperor Hirohito participated in the annual Gensokyo's Fishing Festival in 1930, and won.

In 1931...war was declared. Operation Perfect Cherry Blossom was declared, and so begun the war to kick out the West's colonial empire and liberate East and South East Asia. By 1943, all there was left was to liberate India. Koishi Komeiji would have kicked out the Soviet Union as well, but because the characters from the Touhou Project didn't exist in real life (at the time), and only were portrayed by real people cosplaying as them, she didn't dare to kick the Red Bear.

Anyway, the last British were soon kicked out of India and Operation Prefect Cherry Blossom came to an end, being successful.

However, after meeting with Kogasa Tatara from Britain, Koishi Komeiji allowed them to keep Hong Kong and join the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation.

By 1989 Emperor Hirohito died, and Emperor Akihito succeeded him. Also in 1989 the Japanese lady who cosplayed Koishi Komeiji also dies in 1989. However her daughter, 23, is elected as new Prime Minister of Gensokyo. She is also cosplaying as Koishi Komeiji as well. A few seconds later, Gensokyo was renamed back into Nippon-koku (Japan).

In 1997, Nippon-koku got another official name, Koishi Komeiji's Japan.

Japan remains a Hyperpower to this day, with their strong influence.

By 2011, the real Koishi Komeiji was elected as Prime Minister and Takako Kawasaki (who had cosplayed Koishi and former Prime Minister) became her helper.