Italiano-Spagnolo Impero
Италијански-Шпански царство
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Coat of Arms of Spain (1945-1977)
Flag Coat of Arms
Italy-Spain Location (A Cat In The Low Temple)
Motto Respublica superiorem non recognoscens
Repubblica che riconosce non superiore
Republic that recognises no superior
National Anthem Giovinezza
Official languages Italian, Spanish, Serbian
Other languages None
Capital Rome and Madrid
Government Fascist Single Leader State, Totalitarian Dictatorship
Empress Byakuren Hiziri
Duce Benito Mussolini
Religion Atheist
Currency Italian Lira
Established 1940-

The Italian-Spanish Empire is a nation in Europe and Africa and Middle East and a Superpower.


The Italian-Spanish Empire was declared on 1940 when Franco Spain and Fascist Italy united into one Empire. Soon, they conquered most of Africa in 1950, and Islamic Arabia in 1952. Soon after the major wars were over, a one year peace was declared.

However, in 1955, after Germany became a democracy after the death of the Lunatic Kaiser, a Cold War between Germany and Italy emerged, finally splitting the world and thus begun the Trio-Cold War between Democratic Kaiser Germany, Fascist Italy-Spain, and Zhuórè dìyù jī. Meanwhile in the same year Byakuren Hiziri had moved to Italy after her temple had been destroyed by Zhuórè dìyù jī, and joined the Italians side. Mussolini welcomed her into their Empire, and became General of the Military.

By 1956, after the Old King was secretly poisoned in a plot, a new Empress was decided upon by the Italian-Spanish government. Mussolini personally elected Byakuren Hiziri to become the Empress of Fascist Italy-Spain, which the Italian-Spanish government agreed upon, and so she was elected as new Empress of Italy-Spain.