Әппл Иран Республикасы
Apple Republic of iRan
Flag of Iran Apple logo
Flag Coat of Arms
Location map Iran
Motto I Live, I Ride, I Ran
National Anthem I Ran So Far Away
Official languages Kazakh
Other languages Persian
Capital Tehran
Government Parliamentary republic
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Religion Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism
Currency Iranian Ruble
Established 1991

Apple Republic of iRan, also known as Iran is a nation in the Middle East.


Coat of arms of Iran

Iranian Coat of Arms prior to 1985. Apple logo from 1985-1999.

Iran is known as the Vice City of the Middle East and is home to so many Jeeps. Jeep was founded in Iran around 1940s, and has been selling good worldwide.

Anyway, Iran is a calmed nation. Previous, it was a hostile nation that wielded (still does) Nuclear Missiles. In 1979, Apple was founded and soon Apples were becoming a popular food and company. So, Iran fell under Apple influence. In 1985, Nuclear Apples were made, which posed a problem.

However, after Kazakhstan was established, Iran quickly fell under Kazakh influence and was no longer a major threat. Despite this, Apple still has a strong influence on Iran.

However, it is still an enemy of Darth Vader, but with Kazakhstan holding it's influence, Iran was left alone by Vader.

The Iranian cities by the seaside are known to have high crime rates, similar to that of Vice City.