This is a map of current influences, and of course explanations:


  • Yellow - Kazakh influence (Also known as the 'Greatest Countries In The World' or so they would like to think)
  • Red - Cuban influence. All of these nations, are either Communist or Socialist.
  • Black - Star Wars influence
  • Green - Zaire
  • Uncoloured - The Non-Aligned Movement

Influences (Ruins of Vienna)

Koishi and Kogasa InfluenceEdit

This is one of the strongest influence worldwide.

Every nation that falls under here are also very Easternised, and their main religions are Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism.

Ever since 1925, Koishi's influence has grown out of Japan and spread into Greater East Asia. By 1939, Koishi's influence had hit the United Kingdom. Though, later in 1939, Kogasa, who is also Koishi's best friend, begun influencing the United Kingdom and thus Kogasanian Britain was established in 1940.

With Kogasanian Britain still held a large empire (and still do to this day) Kogasa's influence has spread faster around the world, while Koishi's influence herself is limited in Greater East Asia. Despite Kogasa and Koishi's influence having few differences, they are otherwise very similar and the fact that the real Kogasa and Koishi are best friends, they are both counted together as one influence and thus dominate most of the world.

Their influence is also very slowly growing, and is expected to take complete control of the world by 2300. However should a World War III break out, then their influences would spread even faster thus would achieve having complete control of the world earlier.

Kazakh InfluenceEdit

The Kazakh influence only exists because Borat Sagdiyev became President of Kazakhstan right after the fall of the Soviet Union. It has expanded to influence Iran, Peru, Colombia, and Spain.

The Kazakh influence, as Borat Sagdiyev puts it, is also 'Greatest Countries in the World' and are the number one exporters of Potassium.

However, in 2011, Borat Sagdiyev made a comment that he would side with Kogasanian Britian (& Koishiist Japan) if a war broke out between Darth Vader's USA, Australia, and Koishiist Japan (and her allies, Kogasanian Britain and her allies/influences).

With that said, this influence may not last long.

Though even if the Kazakh influence breaks, Iran would become the Islamic Republic of Iran and cause hostility to the world. Though Iran wouldn't last long either as they would crumble faster.

Cuban Influence/Fourth InternationalEdit

Formerly the Comintern and previously the Soviet Union's Eastern Bloc/Soviet Influence. However, both the Comintern and Soviet Union's influence ceased to exist after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990. Though, right after their fall, Cuba made an attempt to keep their influence going on. Which was partially successful, and so the Fourth International was founded by Cuba.

The remaining influence that Cuba has are Cuba itself, Venezuela, Turkey, Ecuador, and Saudi Arabia; all of which were also part of the Soviet Influence and Comintern previously.

As communism is slowly declining and shows signs of crumbling, it is doubtful that they would last another century. It is predicted that their collapse would appear in 2040 at the earliest or 2080 at the latest. For Turkey itself, their communist government might last until 2100, but this is also doubtful.

If a Third World War ever happens, and if they are neutral, they might be able to last until 2110 (including Turkey). If they are not, they would collapse much faster depending on who they side with (it would be with either Darth Vader or Australia).

Star Wars InfluenceEdit

This appeared in 1985 after the USA was taken control by Darth Vader. Soon afterwards, Darth Vader attempted to annex a few Latin American nations which led to the First Great Galactic War in 1992, in which he lost the war.

Later, Darth Vader launched an invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2001, in which both invasions failed badly that the United States suffered massive defeat. Iraq and Afghanistan were victorious in kicking out the US invaders.

Darth Vader also has plans to crush the world and establish a Unified Darkness government, much to the horror of Luke Skywalker.

Darth Vader's plans are:

  • To try to bring Cuban influence into Darth Vader's hands
  • To take down Kazakhstan
  • Crush the Australians
  • Destroy Kogasa Tatara, Koishi Komeiji, all their friends and allies.
  • And finally, destroy Gensokyo

His only flaw? Cirno.

Yes, Cirno.

Like Bush, Darth Vader loves Cirno. See the relevant article for an explanation and why it is the way it is.

Anyway, note how Darth Vader's list doesn't have each letter capitalised, unlike Bush. Look at how it doesn't mention anything about Petroleum, unlike Bush. Also see that it doesn't mention food anywhere, unlike Bush.

Now, here are reasons why Darth Vader's plans would never work:

  • The takeover of Kazakhstan would fail, as Darth Vader would have no more potassium for his inventions. Even if Kazakhstan were to fall, Darth Vader would never get potassium as Borat Sagdiyev has hid it in a place where he would never ever find it.
  • If Australians can manage to defeat Kogasanian Britain and Koishiist Japan in a war, what makes you think Darth Vader can defeat them? They can't. In fact, Koishiist Japan and Kogasanian Britain could have managed to destroy Australia, but Koishi Komeiji didn't want to use her full power, which would destroy not only Australia, but parts of the Universe itself. It's possible for Koishi and her allies to defeat Australia, that is if Utsuho Reiuji decides to come to the real world and help out (she will, but just not yet). Darth Vader has nowhere near the power to defeat Australia, end of story.
  • Did I mention that this is really impossible? It is (seriously). See the First Great Galactic War, Darth Vader couldn't win. In fact, Koishi Komeiji, Kogasa Tatara, their friends and allies, can't be defeated. Koishi Komeiji and Kogasa Tatara are also much more powerful than Darth Vader. In fact, Koishi Komeiji is the most powerful person in the whole Universe and can defeat anyone and anything at her greatest full power. So Darth Vader would be basically crushed, as would Luke Skywalker, and etc.
  • See above. Gensokyo is also far much powerful and would destroy Darth Vader and Star Wars in an instant. See Satori Komeiji, Utsuho Reiuji, Rin Kaenbyou, Yukari Yakumo, Reimu Hakurei are among the few who could easily destroy Darth Vader and his empire (the others can too, but would take some difficulty). Lastly, Gensokyo can't be destroyed at all. Seriously.

However it is known that Darth Vader won't destroy Gensokyo. Why? Cirno lives there.

Darth Vader also won't be able to achieve his last two plans because Cirno. So he therefore crosses it out from his list.

He will still destroy the allies though.

Did you know? Darth Vader does not actually control Cirno. Cirno actually controls Darth Vader.

It's pretty scary stuff. If you had read what's hidden you'd understand.

This debate has startled and puzzled scientists for quite a while, since 1985. Research is still going on.


Zaire has it's own influenced and isn't influenced by anything. Because Zaire is free and rather does not want to side with anyone. However their friendly with Koishiist Japan and her allies.

Serbia isn't influenced either. Serbia is just neutral. However Serbia's friendly with Kogasanian Britain and her allies.

Australia is just as is, they are not influenced by anything. They are basically enemies with the rest of the world.

While Germany is officially Kogasanian influenced, the nation is dominated by Nyan Cats. As Nyan Cat is on the flag, coat of arms, and practically all over Germanyan, it can also count as Nyan Cat-influenced. Despite Nyan Cat running over Germanyan, it is still Kogasanian influenced in a way, though is troublesome.

Switzerland, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates are part of the Non-Aligned Movement.