भारत के माओवादी गणराज्य
Maoist Republic of India
South Asian Communist Banner
Flag of Maoist Republic of India
India location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Red
Anthem: The Internationale
Capital: Delhijing (Delhi)
Language: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada
Religion: Atheism, Hinduism
Demonym: Indian
Government: Maoist Single Party State

Under Chinese/Scarlet Devil Mansion's rule

President: Hong Meiling
Premier: Muppala Lakshmana Rao
Annexation: to People's Republic of China
Currency: Chinese Yuan

The Maoist Republic of India is a nation in Asia.


With an weakening British Empire, the British Raj struggled to stay with them. As days went by, the Indians were worried about the fast changing world around them. Due to this, no Indian wanted independence as they were worried about being eaten by another power.

Finally, in 1939, the Polish-Lithuanian Empire declared war on Lower Continental Europe, engulfing each nation one by one. The British Isles watched weeks go by, as the ever expanding empire easily engulfed nations in a matter of hours. By 1940, the British decided to give India independence to save them, but the Indians were disappointed. By 1941, the British Isles were now completely gone and engulfed by the Poland-Lithuania. The Indians watch in horror now that they were all alone.

Afterwards, India declared neutrality, though with Switzerland having been engulfed as well, there was no guarantee that neutrality would ever work.

In 1945, China had eyes on India, due to constant border disputes. India tried to resolve the issues but China refused.

Eventually, India's continuous peace efforts fail and then in 1961 the Second Sino-Indian War happened. India at first was doing well but was eventually overran by Chinese forces. War lasted for three years and India finally fell under Chinese Communist Rule.

Then came a time where Iran was seen as valued territory for India, though Russia thought of it first. After Russia invaded Iran in 2003, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ran to China (literally) to ask for Chinese help, which China agreed.

So then India begun the invasion of Iran in 2005, and the war lasted until 2006. After the war, Iran was absorbed by and fully made a part of India.