Nacionalista Magyar Köztársaság
Nationalist Republic of Hungary
Flag of Hungary (1946-1949, 1956-1957)
Flag of Nationalist Republic of Hungary
Capital: Budapest
Language: Hungarian
Religion: State Shinto
Demonym: Hungarian
Government: Imperial

Under Seiga's rule

European Empress: Empress Seiga Kaku
Prime Minister: Katalin Lévai
Annexation: to Seiga-koku (European Union), 1954
Currency: Euro

The Nationalist Republic of Hungary was a nation in Europe. It was established in 1900 after declaring independence from Austria-Hungary. It soon managed to conquer Austria in 1918, and soon former Austria became deeply Hungarian after the Austrians were removed to Australia. The Hungarian nation lasted until Seiga Kaku conquered it in 1954, when it became part of the so called 'European Union'.

After Seiga Kaku conquered it, Hungary became a prefecture. The Hungarian Prefecture also includes former Austria, and a part of Northern Italy.